Sharder (SS) A Blockchain Powered Cross-Chain Storage Protocol


With the rising public acceptance of cryptocurrency, it’s not surprising that hundreds of people are taking a look at the possibilities it may offer without a doubt, more investors are being added in their database each day.

With all the positive feedback and high outcome the cryptocurrency market has shown, people are willing to sign up to the best cryptocurrency to invest in, at the drop of a hat.

Conversely, cryptocurrency isn’t just about accumulating thousands of dollars after investing a few ones. The industry has been striving and trying to sort out some issues such as slow consumer experience, limited space storage and even shortage of security.

So how does cryptocurrency market resolve these problems?

The Sharder Network is decentralized & independent. Individual information is stored on dispersed nodes. Not merely does the user sustain total command of their knowledge yet they by no means require being concerned about sacrificing data as a result of technological failures.

The cross-chain Sharder System is made of a significant number of nodes with unlimited extensibility. Within real-time, viewer nodes sync the whole system, cut down redundancies, as well as improve room consumption. Smart hubs are additionally utilized to boost the efficiency of the system under extreme strain circumstances.


At this time, resulting from ineptitudes written below, information facilities tend to be costly to function. Due to this fact, those involved with control over the information facilities demand users considerable costs to enter the info. Sharder Protocol’s One Fair Market makes sure that the actual expenses on the Sharder ecosystem are generally entirely managed by its subscriber’s information supply & need.

Customers who start up their unused storing space to the Sharder Network will be paid out together with Sharder tokens which can efficiently be utilized in the One Fair Market or perhaps sold on additional trade markets.

How does Sharder Chain work?

While it provides a reliable storage, Sharder also proudly hosts DApps. In fact, it accommodates four major DApps.

  • Bean Cloud

It is a program that supplies storage space, restriction and safety solutions for files. Bean Cloud will keep data for instance e-contracts, settlement coupons, as well as expense details in the Sharder Network. It may be employed by numerous sectors such as, although not restricted to, financial institutions, healthcare treatment & e-commerce.

  • One Fair

One Fair is an open source, peer-to-peer freely available market primarily dependent on the Sharder Chain & Sharder Protocol. With this, investors on the system will undoubtedly become compensated with Sharder (SS) for making it possible for Sharder Network to make use of their empty storage space room. These types of tokens work exceptionally well on One Fair to buy data or marketed on an exterior exchange. One Fair may additionally make it possible for users to trade electronic assets, confirmed data, & useful data.

  • Sharder Intelligence

This one is an excellent smart data service for people and even companies. Sharder Brain can create Artificial intelligence, wise systems that require minimal supervision.

  • Sharder Matrix

It can store an individual’s private information which may include their neurological information (DNA), healthcare history, and progress records.

What is the purpose?

Sharder tokens may always be made use of on One Fair to help buy, exchange or even marketed on external exchanges. It also ensures strict data safety.

Below is the list of issues Sharder is hardly resolving:

  • Weakness in cloud storing solutions
  • Storage space that is not utilized properly
  • Worldwide storage room quickly cutting down
  • High cost

Sharder Protocol is a cross-chain open-source system that defines explicitly how data is saved and also applied in Sharder Network. Being the earliest storage in the industry, it produces so much effort and delivers a lot of jobs like automatic replication, sharing of files, intelligent redirecting, contributing to blockchain and even gives data and info security when not online.

What’s remarkable about this is that consumers may be able to link the private or specialized storage space units to Sharder Network with Sharder consumers or Sharder hardware miners, get compensated through showing storage room, and at the same time safeguard Sharder Network. Sharder’s sharing financial state may increase or add more blockchain programs as well as create some item matrix that is reliant on plus supports each other, The control associated with information will be assured, the worth involving data will be recognized, and the actual data will no longer sit idle. And at some point form some cost-free, identical, mutually-beneficial, independent rewards in addition to profitable Sharder Community.

Sharder (SS) Performace

With a market cap of more than $25 million, the way it performs in the market is pretty amazing.

The data below shows more details:

Market CapVolume (24h)Circulating Supply SSTotal Supply SS

Sharder Charts

Daily Volume on IDEX


Daily Volume on DDEX


The Team Behind Sharder

  • Yu Xiong (Ben)

Chief Executive Officer

Xiong graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University. Also, he used to be the Chief Architect of Yiji Pay. He also founded Conch Chain.

  • Jeffrey Zhu

Chief Operating Officer

He graduated from the famous Peking University with a degree in Computer Science. To add, he was one of the experts who originated of Chain Renaissance Capital and even Beijing. He has almost a decade of experience in Information Technology.

  • Bing Wang (Rick)


Wang holds an impressive resume. He has more than six year’s expertise in advertising, entrepreneurship and even development of channels. He also works at Zebra Environment Technology as the General Manager.

  • Bruno Jiang


Jiang graduated from Southwest University of Science and Technology with a degree in Computer Science. He has serviced big companies like Wisdom InfoTech, Travelsky, and even Amarsoft.

  • Yuetong Xiong (Vitty)


He’s holding a degree in Computer Science from South West University.


  • Data Safety

Traditional file encryption on customer devices, automatic data sharding, dispersed storage space, repetitive duplicates.

  • Credential Design

The effort Sharder-UTXO and Sharder-Keypair designs make sure that information would indeed not end up being viewed at without qualifications. The complete control and secrecy are positively assured.

  • Decentralization

It provides unlimited extendibility, long-term storage space, all-time on the internet. Immediately, the Watchers connect the total system data items, dynamically modify the information submission, decrease repetitive copies, improve space consumption, and make sure .999 safety as well as accessibility.

  • Ownership and Privacy

It is not about who came in first. Everyone is encouraged to acquire a Sharder Hub as well as commence to generate mining incentive, or acquire a Sharder Box and even produce an advantage in three ways (mining, storage space, watcher).

  • Control along with Security

Customers have the ability to open up their unused storage space to Sharder Network to obtain monetary incentive. It’s a definite, open-source, peer-to-peer free market without having any monetary payment since the actual cost is determined only by requirement along with supply connected with the market. The cross-chain structures guarantee that Sharder Chain is unlimitedly extendible to any additional public chains as well as conventional internet.

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