Sharder (SS) A Blockchain Powered Storage Protocol

Sharder Protocols drive cross-chain architecture, and the Sharder-UTXO. Sharder Key pair increases action functions, credential mechanisms, contribution quantification.  Users of Sharder can receive Sharder tokens by sharing their extra storage space. Users will have complete control because their data through distributed nodes is always online.

Sharder Protocol

Sharder Pool

Any storage network will make a Sharder Pool if it redistributes Sharder Protocol. This Pools could communicate and trade with one another based on its Protocol’s cross-chain architecture. All the Pools eventually compose the distributed its Network. 



Sharder Chain

A public chain that deploys Sharder Protocol and is the first of its kind that works as the cornerstone of its network. Sharder Chain has functions such as digital assets, guaranteed trade, tailor-made APIs, etc.


Sharder Network

Sharder Network has four house DApps like One Fair, Bean Cloud, Sharder Matrix, Sharder Brain, etc.

One Fair: Based on the Sharder Chain & Sharder Protocol it has a transparent, open-source, peer-to-peer free market. Tradable items are storage space, digital assets, verified data, etc. one could sell his/her biological data to research institutes.

Bean Cloud: This is an application which provides storage & security services for data. It gives services such as P2P finance, microfinance, consumer finance, and e-commerce. Bean Cloud will be work as a store data like as e-contracts, payment vouchers, and investment records in the Sharder Network.

Sharder Brain: It is an intelligent data service for individuals and enterprises. Sharder Brain could serve in data security, data distribution adjustment, data analysis, data search along with the development of AI, smart devices, IoT.

Sharder Matrix: This application stores an individual’s personal data such as DNA information, medical records.


Sharder Team

The team is composed of experts in different fields, from engineering to blockchain specialists. The group is under the leadership of Ben Xiong, CEO and CTO, and Wayne Shao, as the COO, and Rick Wang as the Chief Marketing Officer.

ICO Analysis

When ICO comes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies will be the hottest investments. Sharder is an ICO came from China and is bringing Cloud storage to the blockchain. Sharder is Unique from Its Competitors in the way that users are easily sharing data storage and on the Network. Sharder has some unique features. The experienced team is definitely a strong point for the Sharder Project. The Sharder Network is a decentralized storage solution. Sharder boasts partnerships with various companies which are perfect candidates for their technology. Partnerships with Zbj.Com, Yijipay, Seachange and more.




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