ShareRing Blockchain Powered Marketplace For The Sharing Economy

ShareRing is an old and trusted service for sharing token. For flexible payment, this is another best choice which you all can use. On maximum platform for every transaction you have to pay transaction charges, but here on ShareRing they don’t charge for transaction charge. Not only for a transaction if you want to do currency exchange then also they offer zero foreign currency exchange fees or commission. It is a flexible and efficient centralized platform that based on sharing economy anytime at any location. Their platform is advanced and entirely secure that makes users connect securely to pay for any services globally.

Here in this platform SHR means ShareToken will work as a token using which you can do all types of sharing transaction which will be adequately maintained in ShareLedger in the platform. While if you are thinking about its currency then in this ShareLedger blockchain platform, SharePay is the currency. The interface and its overall system and procedures are simple and straightforward. Reason for which people with minimum experience in blockchain and crypto platform can efficiently utilize its entire ShareRing blockchain Ecosystem fully. At a glance, ShareRing is a global financial transaction platform where a user can use it on demand and can get access to different types of assets in this growing sharing economy. It is a merely an app which shows you the availability of assets which you can sell or borrow. These are some basic introduction of ShareRing, later in this post, you will get and clear idea how the whole system of ShareRing works or operates.

Features of ShareRing


Below I am listing some of the best features of ShareRing that makes it best in blockchain system. Check all its features below.

  • The interface of this system is user-friendly and it all its data are present on a most secure cloud server.
  • Without authorization, authentication and validation users can’t be able to get access to its single service.
  • With the help of this system, transactions are not limited through geographical location and get enhancement I speed.
  • Your account will be your details where you need to provide all your legal documents. This makes the whole ShareRing network genuine and trustworthy.
  • Those who are users they need to use SharePay, and those who are service providers need to use ShareToken to do all types of work on this platform. As they keep separate interface and system for users and providers, this system is known for its straightforward interface.
  • You can earn many additional tokens by node hosting in this platform.
  • Those who are providers can add custom rules on all assets.
  • It is a suitable platform for both individual users as well as a large organization.
  • Wherever you are doing a transaction, it will get complete within a second.
  • If you want to start with ShareRing then their customer support and advisor team will help you in every step.
  • Once you get registered on ShareRing you will be available all different types of sharing service all across the globe that opens many opportunities for users.

ShareRing is mainly based on sharing economy. Below I am sharing some features and advantages of Sharing economy.

  • Sharing economy offer better global impression and better suitability.
  • Sharing economy has many different markets and product segments.
  • People will access different types of assets all over the world.
  • Sharing economy on blockchain platform has different advantages as asset identification and security.
  • Both users and providers will get many different opportunities.
Areas where ShareRing will benefit users

In ShareRing every asset is maintained by ShareLedger which is based upon a widely renowned concept –KeazAccess. The whole system is developed in a way so that assets can be shared virtually. ShareRing assets are spread on all sectors. Let’s have a look.

In transportation sector they assets are available in car sharing, carpooling, cycle sharing, courier service, delivery organization. When it comes to Travel sector, different types of tour packages and share tour facilities are also available. They have many assets in Transport sector which are spreads in car rent, scooters and all sorts of heavy vehicles. With the help of its ShareLedger, you can get benefits on all types of payments for delivery drivers. Assets in the financial sector are also available for p2p lending. Apart from these, they also deal in virtual assets related to Food, Real Estate and many more.

ShareRing APP

ShareRing APP

All advantages and features of ShareRing are available on its app, which is compatible with all devices and platform. The interface of this app is friendly, and within a few clicks, you will get access to different types of virtual assets which are provided by a business organization or businessman. This app works bot for business and individual users. Its beautiful map integration shows your location as well as the location of assets. It has many option and tools using which you can refine your asset search and many more. This app is developed with advanced security and coding which makes it a reliable app for sharing economy and where all users’ credentials remain safe and secure.

ShareRing Roadmap

ShareRing Roadmap

This service has been started from the year 2017, August. In this year 2017 October, they developed a systematic model for its entire work. In this year December this model has been globally recognized. IN the year 208 many technology advancements have been done. Nodes and wallet system was released for review in the month August 2018, and this year September ShareLedger developed to make asset transaction easy and flexible.

ShareRing associate companies

ShareRing associate companies

ShareRing is working with different companies across the globe so that they can quickly bring out their desired products and services on the market with the help of them. These companies are playing a vital role in the upliftment of the company. Here we shall list out the name of those companies, and while we list out, you will get to know that many are of your known brands. The lists of the companies are KEAZ, BYO, YOOGO SHARE, DJI, MOBI, DOUBLE PEAK, RAMP ENTERPRISE, GTI HOLDING LIMITED, COIN STREET. PARTNER and UARTERIA. These are the companies which have played a significant role so that ShareRing can get a hike in the market. Now let’s have a look on the team members of ShareRing and their contribution to the system.

ShareRing Team Members

Here we shall mention out the name and the designations of the members who are associated with the ShareRing system.

  • TIM BOS – he is the CEO of the company and also the co-founder of the system. His impressive dedication towards the network has bought it into a new level.
  • Rohan Lepage – He is assigned as the COO of the company he is also the co-founder of the system. His experience has helped in the upcoming of the system.
  • Neville Christie – He holds the investment director post he is also the co-founder of this system. All the financial works are taken under him.
  • Peter David – Also the co-founder of the system he is also assigned as the Non-executive director of the system. His creative work style has helped many and the company to hit in the run.
  • Jane Sadler-Kidd – Also the non-executive director and co-founder of the system she looks after the financial oversights and the financial and budgets forecasts of the system.
  • Barry Brewster – He is the founding shareholder of the ShareRing and keaz. With his support, the system can specialize in creating the optimized, energetic performance for the system and also helps to lead different significant projects for the system.

So here are some of the critical team members of the system without whom the system won’t be running good. The knowledge and experience of this team will surely help them reach the company at the top in less time. Now let’s have a look on the token information to know the market status of ShareRing.

Token Status

ShareRing token

Here we shall list out on the top of the information about the token which will help you to get more precise idea what is the present value of the ShareRing.

  • Token type – SHR
  • PreICO Price – 1SHR=0.01USD.
  • Present Price – 1SHR=0.02USD.
  • Platform – Ethereum.
  • The hard cap = 38,000,000USD.
  • Restricted nations – USA and China.

So these are some of the information on the ShareRing which will help you to know the present value although the price differs depending upon the market and its associates. But in recent times it is seen that the price has grown high as the popularity of the system is snowballing. In coming time the system will see much of hike as the future of the system is quite significant. Now let’s have a look on the social world.

Social world

ShareRing has seen massive growth in the world of social media. Let it be Twitter or Facebook the system has grown huge followers. With every latest update, the follower’s list gets a hike. Whenever there are any updates, the social world helps to pass on the message to the users.


So this was all about the ShareRing system. Here we have come up with all the possible data and information required knowing how secure the system is. In recent time the popularity of the system has seen tremendous growth and also the association of such big companies have made the system seen new hikes. The fast and secure network and innovation used in the system have made it reach this level. The social platforms of the system will help you know much better about the system. Hope this article was informative about the ShareRing.

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