Project Shivom: The Next Generation For Genomics And Healthcare

For the last few years, the progressions in the areas of genomics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology have set themselves on a collided way. The improvement in genome science research has made genome sequencing a probability, but the sum of money it costs limits its broad adoption.

The innovation in artificial intelligence analysis and application have robots efficiently removing functions from otherwise human hands. And the blockchain has transformed all of it by implementing transparency while keeping high standards of security and reliability.

Combining these three domains will produce a project that will quite make genome sequencing and DNA data storage affordable and become normal. Operating with these three broad fields of science and technology to bring out a product and platform like no other are the organization called Shivom.

What is Shivom?

Shivom is a platform developed to be the most extensive genomic data center in the world. It is a platform by which people donate their DNA data for the study. The data obtained facilitates development in enterprises such as biotechnology and healthcare. Shivom is building a genomics ecosystem on the blockchain to link healthcare providers with genomic data to advance further growth in the healthcare division. In this model, the donor maintains ownership of their data. They decide whether to share their data towards a particular project. In order to reward people for partaking their data, incentives are offered each time their data is utilized.

Shivom Network And Niche

As a blockchain agnostic, the Shivom Network allows the platform to utilize the best-of-breed technologies depending on the specifications of the network. It can operate on other blockchains such as QTUM, Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric.

The platform has the capacities for the creation and deployment of smart contracts tailor-made to fulfill various purposes. An OmiX wallet is in progress to facilitate access and storage of the token among other features. Shivom wants its wallet to allow users to access health and fitness apps, purchase health insurance, acquire personalized health advice among others. The platform will also support dApp development further improving its features and potentials.

Genetics has established to be an essential section in the development of medicine and advancement of healthcare. Since each is genetically different, Shivom is formulating an opportunity for everyone to participate in the genomic database and get rewards for sharing the data towards research. Healthcare offices, learning institutions, and other involved parties are also authorized to obtain access to the information they need from an open market at more affordable charges.

Through Shivom, biotechnology companies will have access to a vast pool of data. The platform will make it easier to identify and link relevant individuals to relevant drugs. Individuals will also be encouraged to participate in clinical trials through rewards, therefore, intensifying the process of bringing new drugs and medical technology into the healthcare business.

OMIX Token

Shivom (OMIX) token sale started on April 16th and is anticipated to end on 16th May. It is intended as an ERC20 token and is being given at a price of 0.00014 ETH. The team’s objective is to increase USD 47.5 million on a fixed hard cap with any unused tokens burnt. The result of the token sale is expected to help the development of the platform, laboratories, marketing, data storage, research, and development. The tokens will be the primary medium for businesses on the Shivom platform. Users will be capable of utilizing their tokens to pay for services and products offered within the platform. The tokens will also facilitate rewarding of users for participating their data.

Shivom Team

Dr. Axel Schumacher co-founded Shivom, Gourish Singla and Dr. Sally Eaves who now work as CEO, COO, and CMO individually. Akash Gaurav, the CTO also assist to co-found the company. Dr. Schumacher has a Ph.D. in Human Genetics and over 20 years of background in research and developing in genomics. He combines this experience with Dr. Eave’s skills in the areas of technology such as blockchain, artificial intelligence robotics, etc. Gourish is an accomplished investment banker while Akash is a blockchain specialist who began the first Indian blockchain business, Auxesis group while he was still an undergraduate student.

The Shivom team has grown to incorporate innovators, scientist, and marketers with expertise in cryptography, health and fintech trades, the blockchain, marketing, and delivery to facilitate the design and evolution of the platform.

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