AI Now On Open Network – SingularityNET Aims At Decentralizing Technology

Nowadays, many big companies prefer to choose robots over the traditional workers or commonly known as human. They say it is economically more practical and can produce more quantity outputs compared to the usual man-power processes. They believe that machine intelligence will soon dominate the world of industry. The demands for Artificial Intelligence are increasing rapidly as time passes by. Most of the businesses today are highly dependent on modern technologies and a systematic and decentralized network for different AI services is badly needed. And so, Ben Goertzel along with other AI technology experts built SingularityNET to satisfy the growing AI demands.

What is SingularityNET?

SingularityNET is seemingly created to become remarkably useful in the present framework and to place the foundation for introduction of a long-term self-modifying, decentralized artificial reasoning organism with the future potential for general intellect and advantageous moral qualities beyond the human degree. It is a sensible layout prompted by extended theoretical thinking and prototyping on the piece of the creators relating to concepts.

SingularityNET gives a computerized procedure which allows every single business to link AI resources with each other to develop the solution it requires. By providing uncomplicated means of establishing tools, it provides both modification and accessibility, while lowering the reduplication of effort included in exclusive improvement, making the progress process better.

A Powerful and Versatile SingularityNET Software Architecture

It is fundamentally a dispersed computing structure for building new varieties of contracts to facilitate marketplace
relationships with Artificial intelligence and device training instruments. Below are the design concepts that are integrated over the style:

  • Interoperability
    The system can interface with several blockchains.
  • Data Privacy and Dominance
    The sharing and management of user’s information regularly come with privacy enabled settings over the system. Accessibility is verified through blockchain and smart contracts.
  • Modularity
    The sharing and management of user’s information regularly come with privacy enabled settings over the system.
  • Scalability
    SingularityNET can safely coordinate public and private deals. That is why more scalable and strict uses can be made above it with almost no transaction expenditures.

What is AGI Token?

Users can have access on SingularityNET through AGI token. Generally, AGI holders can buy goods or services in the marketplaces and have the possibility to become part of democratic government processes.

AGI Tokens is used to make transactions within SingularityNET. It is used to achieve smooth interaction to services offered by the network. By using this token, any user can connect to AI marketplace from different protocols, technologies and contracts and all transactions happen in just one public transaction ledger.

Main Goals of SIngularityNET

It has three long-term objectives. First on the goal list is to become the center of transparent AI technologies. Secondly, SingularityNET goals to leverage the progress of open AI heading to working AGI. And lastly, it aims to endorse technologies and projects that are beneficial to AI progress, human being and also to nature. The network is very eager to achieve all those goals as soon as possible.

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