Bitspace partnered with SingularityNET for Blockchain & AI Innovation

Bitspace and are currently working together for the creation of awareness in decentralized and open AI blockchains.

Since our development team worked hard, we now focus ourselves on the expansion of the public’s awareness of Singularity.NET so much faster than before. For this, we partnered with world-class organizations that have existing and broad networks of the early adopters.

The Acceleration of the innovation and awareness of the decentralized AI technology

We are now proud to announce our partnership with Bitspace that is an award-winning technology company that specializes in exponential technologies and blockchain services.

Bitspace now has a proven record in fostering AI and blockchain innovation in Europe. The partnership will make the people aware of the decentralized and open AI blockchains directly to groundbreaking influencers and startups.

According to the CEO of Bitspace, Manuel Lains, they are very excited to partner with a global leader in AI innovation. They are also looking forward to discovering the real potential of the blockchain industry with them.

They will host community events all over Europe together that targets entrepreneurs and developers.

Singularity.NET now has a significant amount of demand for their network’s service. Having Bitspace as their partner will allow them to directly support startups who want to launch their services in Singularity.NET.

According to Ben Goertzel, the CEO of, Bitspace is a proven innovator that has a world-class team. Together, they can bring their message directly to the valuable communities.

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