SingularityNET An Efficient Network for Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain is absolutely one of the world’s most in demand technologies now. SingularityNET proves its advancement and effective usage for the operation.


This is a network that provides excellent AI products and services. Industries related to blockchain are growing in numbers daily. As it increases, the gap between researchers/developer and companies rises as well.  It happens because of some projects that certainly require for more than one solution. Researches usually have troubles on accessing huge data sets which blocks them on completing a big solution and machine results. SingularityNET which is a complex project fills those gaps.

It is an independent network with AI Agents that propose their services to another. It focuses on 3 separate AI sections including cyber securities, biomedical researches and cloud robotics. It visualizes an efficient network with complex communications for all AI agents. AI developers can sell their products in trade for AGI token. It offers Application Programming Services to include any regular solutions and to allow communication in each other.

SingularityNET AgentsIt has several AI agents that apply smart contracts on the system. In order to conserve system validation, AI agents after every trade, position their selves at 0 or 1 scale. However, positioning is not required since it can be done instantly. It is believed that this network will soon inspire more interactions between different Agents. AI agents can subcontract their services to other agents. If needed, they can collaborate to other agents to perform jobs.

The ranks have several facets and it enhances the system. It decides which agent evaluations are more helpful in the network. Additional factors that classify the general ranking are outside authentication and benefit ratings. In case evaluation decreases under certain level, Agents may drop some of tokens. Benefit rankings are responsibilities that enrich the complete network. It does not necessarily have financial value. Agents can get ranking bonus if ownerships are proven by a dependable company by means of KYC services.

AGI Token

This SingularityNET coin is a currency using Ethereum blockchain. Agents make use of it as a payment or as a settlement to acquired AI solutions. AGI token’s total market capitalization is $65,579,476 USD with exchange volume of $3,163,000 USD. More than five hundred million AGI is now on circulation.

It is now trading at $0.121517 USD in market exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Ethfinex, Liqui, DDEX, Idex, Tidex, ForkDelta and Radar Relay. Some traders prefer KuCoin platform because of its great features and fast transaction speed. It gives some discounts too! This is probably the reason why most of AGI trading happens here.

The company has gained popularity after raising $36 million USD (in just 60 seconds) during SingularityNET ICO.

SingularityNET teamAs of now, the group has more than fifty developers and ten doctoral degree holders relating to AI. Dr. Ben Goertzel is the Head and Executive Officer.  He, along with the other AI experts, creators and advisors work as one to provide the most reliable AI place for everyone. It will be wholly available soon.

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