SingularityNET- A Decentralized AI Market with ICO Sold in 60 Seconds

The global community has made significant progress since the growth of Artificial Intelligence. AI, with near-limitless potential, has become the modern concept of the world and has changed the traditional way daily tasks are performed. It continues reaching the highest level of complexity similar to the human mind.

Business operations are now associated with AI technology, but most of them are having trouble where to acquire the services correctly. SingularityNET was created to fill these needs.

What is SingularityNET on the first place?

It is known as an open-source protocol and array of smart contracts for the decentralized industry of synchronized AI solutions. In this network, the use of AI is developed into a universal commons and is intended for the benefit of the majority. Any person can get AI technology and be considered a stakeholder in its progress. Individuals can place an AI or machine learning services to SingularityNET. It will be for network use, and its developer can collect network settlement tokens in return.

SingularityNET is built to be extremely beneficial for the community. The foundation is positioned for opening a long-term decentralized human-made reasoning and is made for future AI potentials. It is a wise format prompted by extensive theoretical pondering and prototyping of designer’s ideas.

The network is developed to bring AI solutions to individuals, organizations, and corporations. It will foster the rise of dominant AGI and will provide growing benefits to everyone.

It is based on Netherland and led by Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO and Head Scientist of the team. Other members are David Hanson, Anton Kolonin, Simone Giacomelli, Linas Vepstas, Nil Geisweiller and many more. All team members and advisors are all experts and excellent in their assigned areas.

The AGI Tokens: Functions and Trading Sites

It empowers the SingularityNET structures to allow developers, organizations and companies trade AI. It will lower cost expenses and increases AI outputs.

AGI is listed on various market exchanges. Anyone can buy or sell the tokens in trading sites like Ethfinex (AGI/ETH, AGI/USD, AGI/BTC), Idex (AGI/ETH), Liqui (AGI/BTC, AGI/ETH, AGI/USDT), Tidex (AGI/BTC, AGI/ETH, AGI/USDT), ForkDelta (AGI/ETH), Radar Relay (AGI/WETH) and KuCoin (AGI/BTC, AGI/ETH). Supported trading pairs are included in each exchanges.

Details about its ICO

As the competition for the best cryptocurrency heats up, many businesses are getting on the trend to release their groundbreaking perceptions as well as ICOs. One that excels is SingularityNET ICO which holds the record of fastest marketing ever.

With AGI as the token, it is undeniably one of the most successful Initial Coin Offering project made in the history. It has raised approximately $36,000,000 USD funds in a just single minute. The ICO was conducted on December 19 last year. SingularityNET ICO price is $0.1 USD.

AGI started its bull run in January. As of this moment, the SingularityNET price is $0.143302 USD with a market capitalization of $77,336,258 USD.

With the successful result of SingularityNET ICO, experts believe that the value of AI market will increase to $3,100,000,000,000 by the year 2025.


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