SingularityNET AGI achieves 1-day trading volume of $774,193 USD

AGI currency last April 13, 2018 has traded 6.25% higher against US dollar compared to April 12, 2018. One AGI token can be purchased for $0.163287 USD which is equivalent to 0.00002065 BTC (0.77%) or 0.00032743 ETH (-1.13%). SingularityNET has reached the market cap of $87,752,750 USD. Over 24 hours, it has a trading volume of $774,193 USD. The total and maximum supply of AGI remains 1,000,000,000 AGI. More than half of it is circulating in the crypto nation and it is 537,414,184 AGI to be exact.

A brief information regarding SingularityNET

SingularityNET was brought into this world through a combined will of democratizing the strength of Artificial intelligence. The first to apply this is Sophia. She is the world’s best and most verbal robot. Right now, she is being controlled by a series of connected AI components to efficiently use all senses including the ones for sight and hearing. Through this, she can properly respond to her surrounding and take action empathetically. There are lot of AI web template modules that are primarily based on robot Sophia.  Many believe that in the forthcoming days, most of them will become the nodes within the SingularityNET.

SingularityNET starts the community and team development. A large progress of the team can now be observed.

Future plans of SingularityNET

On the next upcoming months, SingularityNET will be providing an application intended for showing the network’s potentials. It will feature the following:

  1. Showcases the incorporation of diverse, state of the art Artificial intelligence as well as ML instruments which is intended for any provided program domain.
  2. Curating and giving entry to an amount of extremely appealing datasets in a certain domain.
  3. Different case scientific studies where the analysis group will implement all those methods to one or a lot more
    data sets and release the outcomes afterwards.

Three contributing factors of distinguishing the AI Agent’s ranking

  1. Staking of AGI token – There is a required level of rating an Agent has to reach or else they will lose a part of stake token.
  2. Sort of benefit rankings – Backing of monetary here is not really a requirement.
  3. External validation – Added ranking will be granted to those AI agents with a proof of validated ownership from a reliable company source.

The whole platform has functional diversity for systematic computational system. A developing artificial intelligence needs a rich environment located near functional diversity and social computation.

Developmental psychology documented the significance of having rich environment in the system. Everyone knows that most of the innovative progress in equipment learning and advances are because of large quantity of connected data obtained in program training. In order to acknowledge this, the SingularityNET released various partnerships to different kind of good technological projects that works aiming a transparent economy for all.

Generally, the SingularityNET along with the entire team is constructing a kind of ecosystem for all AIs where they will be considered as the first and biggest among the others to merge different kind of AI services all around the world.


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