SingularityNET (AGI) Beta Platform Open For The Public Today

SingularityNET is known as a decentralized, open market for AI, aiming to bridge the gap between AI developers and business users. It is a full-stack AI innovation powered by a decentralized protocol.

The platform was born from a mutual intention to spread the power of AI globally. Sophia considered as the world’s most expressive robot is one of the company’s first use cases. She applies multiple AI modules to see, hear, and respond empathetically. Several of her underlying AI modules will be
accessible open-source on SingularityNET.

SingularityNET As An Open API For All

singularitynet AI marketSingularityNET gives APIs for groups to access AI services that might be outside of their specialization. For instance, an AI development organization might want to create a system that classifies animals in a video. That team should concentrate on utilizing AI to parse images, but do not have the means to develop an audio-parsing algorithm sufficiently.

With SingularityNET, they have the chance to access the more extensive network of AI services to discover another group specializing in audio parsing. By paying for that audio parsing with AGI tokens, they are basically outsourcing the elements of AI that they don’t want to converge on, clearing their development resources to focus on the visual parsing.

Welcoming A New Beginning

The Token Generation Event of SingularityNET was a booming success made possible by its community in 2017. On the same year, they have begun the quest committing and assuring that their community members will be capable of governing the decentralized network democratically.

Their operation for the past years was full of challenges that made them determined to pursue what they aim. The SingularityNET team took the winding road with commitment and integrity as they knew that the SingularityNET community had supported them in every way.

Today, they are proudly announcing that part of that long journey will be ending today. They have launched the Beta version of SingularityNET Platform on the Ropsten Network.

The Beta’s test phase is now active on the Ropsten Network, one of the distinguished testnets of the Ethereum network. There are selected volunteers and community leaders who were given access to this private version of the Beta for stress testing.

Three Phases Of SingularityNET’s Journey

The platforms private Beta launching on the Ropsten Network’s is just the start in the intended three-phase launch of the Beta version on the Ethereum network.

The features of the three-phase launch plan are:

Phase 1: On February 4th — launching of the Beta on the Ropsten Network, and chosen volunteers and community leaders were granted access to it for stress testing.

Phase 2: On February 11th — the Test Network Beta will be available to the public to collect their feedback and for an additional Beta stress test.

Phase 3: On the end of February, after working on the feedback from its community, they will officially launch the Beta version of the SingularityNET platform on the Ethereum network.

This launch of the Beta signs the end of one part of their journey and the commencement of another. The whole SingularityNET team is looking forward to the feedback and comments from their community members, and they are eager to start the next stage of their journey to democratize AI with them.

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