SingularityNET (AGI) recovers from the previous low trade exchange

April 12, 2018: Checking the crypto market chart, it is fine to assume that SingularityNET is doing a great performance this day. It has recovered from two consecutive days of lowered exchange. The value of AGI now is $0.143727 USD. It is 13.33% higher compared to yesterday value. User can trade it to BTC currency with the value of 0.00002072 which is 11.71% higher versus the last 24 hours and to ETH coin with current value of 0.00033080 (8.79%). The SingularityNET has an updated capitalization market of $77,240,928 USD. Over the last day, its trading value has reached $466,876 USD with the circulating supply of 537,414,184 AGI inside the market. Its total supply right now is still one billion AGI.

SingularityNET was initiated and founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel. He is the present CEO of the system.

This amazing team of SingularityNET has more than fifty experts of AI and 10+ PhDs. It includes Dr. Ben Goertzel. He is the Chief Executive Officer and he is also the Chief Scientist of the team. He still managed to be the OpenCog Foundation Chairman. At the moment, he is the Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotic.

With the combined effort of the team, they have come up with the perfect and the best platform for all the creators.

SingularityNET is known for the committed goal of developing a new decentralized network well suited for Artificial intelligence. It drastically increases the token crypto sales. In fact, it has a record of selling the entire available token right after the first sixty seconds of the crypto releasing. They got the complete sale of $36,000,000. This shows how the investors and buyers trusted and patronized their service. What is really fascinating about this SingularityNET is that it genuinely value helping businesses more than the money they can possibly earn.

How does SingularityNET works?

The team produces a decentralized area quite similar to BitTorrent. Basically, it performs without the main controller to decide what anyone can get from it. To get started with the system, any person may set a good AI on the internet. They are those Agents of AI. Next, they have to cover it with the API and then declare it to the system. Virtually any company out there wanting an AI support may ask for it.

SingularityNET has a standing system which precisely grades the most effective agent of the platform. It requires a blockchain technology to do this rating. It uses a P2P method or peer to peer application that has to be very reputable and hard to be hack. It has to be good in entailing payment settlement.

AI processing is very sensitive in time calculation. Therefore, SingularityNET decided to choose the service of OpenCog. Normally, it performs two different functions. The first one is it serve as one of the tools that SingularityNET uses in constructing the preliminary AI services they will provide. They also include some great tools there. The second role is somehow same as the infrastructure.

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