SingularityNET Builds Accessible Market for Artificial Intelligence


The importance and effectiveness of an Artificial Intelligence are increasing noticeably every day. It will eventually rule the overall economy and the whole internet as well.

The concept of Singularity technology is now broadly acknowledged all throughout the investment world. Experts believe that after few decades, machine intelligence will undoubtedly become the dominant factor in business development.

Blockchain delivers strong resources for handling transactions in a Singularity. It has to be appropriately used and must have a blockchain based network that will attend all the needs of Agents. SingularityNET has all the features and qualities to become the best framework for AI.

What is SingularityNET?

SingularityNET combines Artificial Intelligence with blockchain technologies that will inevitably create a decentralized place for acquiring different kinds of AI. Run by the AGI token, SingularityNET allows any developers, organizations, companies or individuals to purchase or sell AI products or services. It is expected to reduce AI cost and increase production. The AGI token is designed to assure the open and free access of everyone on the network.

SingularityNET is a growing platform for the market activities of users and creators of AI. It targets to be the main open-source protocol for AI networks online. It aims to make an organized Artificial General Intelligence inside crypto markets. Although AI field is still in its early stage, SingularityNET shows significant potential for success.

Where to buy AGI Token?

AGI token

SingularityNET AGI is now trading on different exchanges including KuCoin (trading pairs are AGI/ETH, AGI/BTC), Radar Relay (AGI/WETH), ForkDelta (AGI/ETH, AGI/USDT), Tidex (AGI/BTC, AGI/USDT), Liqui (AGI/USDT, AGI/ETH and AGI/BTC), Idex (AGI/ETH) and Ethfinex (AGI/BTC, AGI/USD and AGI/ETH). You can trade, sell or buy AGI tokens on the above-mentioned trading sites.

About SingularityNET ICO

It was December 19, 2017, when SingularityNET ICO was launched. AGI’s ICO price is USD 0.1 each. The team has raised total funds of USD 36,000,000 in just sixty seconds making it one of the quickest selling ICO in the history.

SingularityNET Roadmap and Developmental Plan

SingularityNET ICO

December 2017- The SingularityNET Alpha Version has been released. Some AI tools have been posted in the network to enhance API and to provide a better understanding of SingularityNET processes. The network started to use Ethereum blockchain during this period.

2018- SingularityNET reaches fast adoption in critical and vertical areas. It will focus all the efforts on developing infrastructure and prototyping of tools for robot dialogue, finance, image processing, biomedical analysis and processing of language. By July, the infrastructure in beta version is expected to launch. The team is working hard to finish the excellent version of SingularityNET infrastructure before this year end.

2019-2021- The infrastructure development is focus mainly on the scalability of different matters like great distribution of core AI algorithms and blockchain mechanisms. The three vertical areas are Cybersecurity, biomedical analysis and emotional and social robotics. SingularityNET is very positive in creating useful robots for hospitals, homes, school and everywhere. It will surely help every human being and will make lives more comfortable and more convenient.

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