SingularityNET Decentralizes the Future of Artificial Intelligence

In a world where Singularity technology is broadly embraced, the significance of machine is becoming more visible every day. Most of the businesses today require extensive needs for AI. It is believed that the world will change into a new and more exciting place to live with. When that happens, everything will undoubtedly change.

About SingularityNET

It is a variety of diverse Artificial Intelligence solutions that is fueled by decentralized procedures. Most of the companies require AI to adopt on current economic and technical frameworks. For this reason, the system provides excellent programmed processes. It links every business to present AI apps that will build the solution it needs. All development methods can operate successfully through simple tools set-up. It offers customization and readiness while reducing the reduplication of work.

SingularityNET has partnered with OpenCog Foundation which created the world’s top open source software tool for AGI. OpenCog is established on an extensive conceptual theory of general intelligence and is executed as a number of understanding, learning and reasoning focused on software processes. It is used as the foundation of various Agents who carry out functions like information theory, evolutionary learning, logical inference and language processing. SingularityNET has consisted of 3 economic roles. These are the curators, providers, and buyers of AI.

SingularityNET Agent

There are some cases that Agents can accomplish a particular request in different ways and degrees. Offer network is for Agents dependency to make offers for each other. This could be service-to-service or service-to-payments. New nodes will be continually added to the system.

The SingularityNET AGI

SingularityNET AGI token functionality

You can use SingularityNET tokens to acquire AI service directly from Agent. Lots of network services need a complex combination of actions by different AI Agents. Robot Sophia is an excellent example for this. She needs several Agents who will specialize in her speech synthesis, motor controlling, natural language processing, etc. Agents will collaborate with each other for a specific task or architecture.

This token is created to achieve open, frictionless and global access to AI. It allows anyone to buy or sell AI globally. If someone needs an Agent to execute services, the smart contract for that job is signed which includes the trade of token for that services. It can also be used to rewards people who will contribute to network utility.

AGI token is a deciding factor on how SingularityNET is administrated in a decentralized manner.
As I am writing this, AGI token price is USD 0.185582 with a market cap of USD 100,153,643.
AGI token is now trading on market exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Idex, Liqui, Ethfinex, Tidex, ForkDelta and in Radar Relay.

Sophia the Robot: Powered by SingularityNET

David Hanson developed Sophia, the most communicative humanoids. She is the first non-human to grant citizenship which makes her famous and well-known. Sophia is not just a simple robot; she can express different facial expression and can speak well. In fact, she received the title of the first innovation champion by UN in the year 2017.

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