SingularityNET ICO Paved the Way for the Network’s Popularity and Success

After SingularityNET ICO launching, the result seems to be in all’s lips, and everyone is talking about it.

With the emergence of different cryptocurrencies around the world, an intense rivalry has aroused on the market. More businesses are getting on the line to launch their unique ICO project. SingularityNET is one of the few companies that had successfully released Initial Coin Offering.

Based on reports, the company team has unexpectedly sold all ICO in just a minute and has reached the hard cap worth of $36 million. The ICO started on December 19 and lasted only for 24 hours. SingularityNET ICO price that day was USD 0.1000.

While I am writing this article, SingularityNET price hits USD 0.171960 and touches a market cap of USD 92,802,214.

This fantastic outcome is undeniably a strong indication that the perfect timing for SingularityNet has indeed come. The interest shown by the community is truly overwhelming.

Introduction to SingularityNET

It is a Swiss company that is based in the Netherlands.

SingularityNET aims to be the primary source of AI interaction on the web. It visualizes a combination of blockchain technology and good Artificial Intelligence creating a decentralized market industry for any distinctive types of AI products and services.

Generally, anyone can place AI on the internet, cover in API and declare it to SingularityNET. Any business may then request for it, and the developers will, of course, receive payments in the form of AGI tokens.

It is designed to become very valuable and to place the foundation for the appearance of an artificial cognitive organism. It carries intellect services to everyone. This will stimulate the occurrence of gradually powerful dispersed universal intelligence and will position AI to the welfares of everyone.

SingularityNET’s Dynamic and Flexible Software Design

SingularityNET is a highly technological structure for creating new varieties of smart contracts. It can provide AI interactions to market. The network is interoperable to many blockchains. All user data have privacy and sovereignty control. There are validation processes before anyone can access data information. It is flexible enough to produce customized topography, to recover quickly from failure and to help AI Agents arrange proper collaborations. Also, it protectively hosts public and private smart contracts within the network.

SingularityNET Foundation

It is a non-profit foundation accountable for constructing, managing and quickening the system progression. With the excellent combination of AI Agents, affluent customer’s ecosystem and prosperous developer’s community, the network can perform well. Some of the main founding partners of SingularityNET Foundation are OpenCog Foundation which is the leading platform for AI and Hanson Robotics which is the creator of robot Sophia. Other founding partners are Vulpem, Novamente LLC, and Economic Space Agency.


The growth of SingularityNET brings a real advancement to the world. It helps every individual to cope with the progressive technology and fills the growing demand for Artificial Intelligence. The modern ecosystem needs an open AI source like of SingularityNET

The surprising level of investors’ response to SingularityNET ICO is a vibrant sign that everyone is really into blockchain.

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