SingularityNET – The First Public Artificial Intelligence Network

Experts are so convinced that time will come for AI to rule the world of the crypto market. Just by looking at the present industry, one may observe that most of the platform businesses nowadays are equipped with the AI technology. It is undeniably one of the most talk terms in business places today. It became a crucial requirement to get the best system since businesses invest a lot here.

As time passes by, the idea of applying Artificial Intelligence has improved much. However, the concept of creating machine devices that have the ability of thinking like of humankind remains.

The significant demand for AI services calls for an organized marketplace where everyone can have secure contact. The creation of SingularityNET ends the searches.

All About SingularityNET

It is distinctive of its kind that had successfully utilized Artificial Intelligence to run at constant scale variety. It eliminates several substantial elements that restrict the progress of Artificial Intelligence right now. It makes development for the capabilities of AI to send and take data correctly in a large thorough system. Without this potency, there may be some performance issues that AI might give.

With the introduction of SingularityNET, everyone can generate income from AI as it enables government authorities, group, and individuals to acquire and market AI services. The system strives hard to fix all problems concerning AI matters.

It is growing to be the global marketing approach to AI procedures. By making use of the merged details sources and blockchain inclusion, SingularityNET can transform AI to be the global common for all.

Generally speaking, SingularityNET is the perfect place to get the best AI support. Here are the three areas that it specializes.

1. Biomedical researches
It helps in the fast development of any medical studies.

2. Cloud robotic
It helps in the creation of right cloud platform. It gives more priority on the positive gains for establishing machine devices as well as for robotic joint ways.

3. Cybersecurity
This one aids in securing computer and internet sites. It protects them against invasions, destructions and not authorized AI application.

The Strong SingularityNET team

The team was led by the CEO Ben Goertzel and Community Lead Mitchell Loureiro. Also, CAIO Cassio Pennachin and CBDO Simone Giacomelli together with other advisors manage the whole team. Dr. Ben Goertzel is the famous Father of Artificial General Intelligence, a renowned mathematician, and a polymath. He supervises most of the operations including project development, network progress, and all partnerships. Dr. David Hanson is one of the genius humanoid robot experts of the world. He created Sophia, the most communicative robots. He now controls overall SingularityNET‘s robot development. Cassio Pennachin as the Chief Technology Officer runs anything related to software process. Simone Giacomelli is a well-experienced blockchain team leader of the system.

Aside from the leading team members, it has a big staff family which supports the platform achieve its goals. They work as one to create the best cryptosystem of all time.


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