Sophia A Popular Robot Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Modern technology has brought numerous innovational changes to humankind. This development includes the growth of Artificial Intelligence which touches man lives in a good way. Experts and money-making entities are now collecting methods in which AI services can be used efficiently. However, proper usage is not only their primary concern. They also focus on finding the right place to get AI. An ideal market should be open, decentralized and beneficial. SingularityNET fits all these qualities.

SingularityNET Decentralizes the Future of Artificial Intelligence

blockchain technologyThe network associates AI with blockchain technology which will undoubtedly build a decentralized area for buying AI products and services. It consents any designers, business/company, organizations or anyone to acquire and trade AIs. With this open marketplace, AI cost will reduce, and production will increase. AGI token is created to guarantee the free and open access in the network.

SingularityNET is a developing platform of AI. It aims to be the primary source protocol of AI networks virtually. One of its goals is to build a systematized Artificial Intelligence inside digital markets. This kind of industry has a great future ahead, and SingularityNET proves this belief. With the positive result of SingularityNET ICO held on December 19th, one can assume that most people today have real confidence in the power of AI evolution.

Meet Sophia the Most Expressive Humanoid

Sophia is one of the popular products that use Artificial Intelligence. It is a social humanoid formed by Mr. David Hanson. Made in part after Hanson’s wife and Audrey Hepburn, she can imitate collective behaviors and express feelings similar to real human.

Since Sofia’s first public appearance, she has rocketed to fame and recognition. She has seen on large magazines like ELLE and appeared on big TV interviews. During a ceremony at a technological conference, Saudi Arabia discussed the citizenship of Sophia owning limited rights as official Saudi citizens.

AGI Tokens as the Network Fuel

SingularityNET token distribution

SingularityNET tokens are used to purchase AIs straight from the agents. There are cases that a single task needs a complex solution. Agents should collaborate with other agents to perform a specific job. These tokens are also used to incentivize and rewards agents for developing great products and services.

AGI token is produced to accomplish a worldwide and frictionless access to Machine Intelligence. AI trading can be done globally. It is indeed a determining element on how SingularityNET is running in a dispersed manner.

SingularityNET trading exchanges

It is listed on six trading platform. These are KuCoin, Idex, Radar Relay, Ethfinex, Tidex, and Liqui. Supported trading pairs are AGI/ETH, AGI/WETH, AGI/BTC, AGI/USDT and AGI/USD. Please be guided that not all pairs work on each mentioned platform. It is also essential to know all those exchanges closely because they play a vital role in crypto ecosystem including SingularityNET. Without them, convenient asset trading is impossible. Choose a platform at your own risk. Make sure you do some background researches to assure you are trading on the right platform. Buy AGI token on the safest and most secured crypto exchanges.

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