How Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen works?

Sophia the human-like robot

Since Sophia was launched, she became one of the leading techno subjects all over the world. Sophia is a robot from Hanson Robotics and is involved lately in scientific discussions.

We can read thousands of online blogs, articles and news about SingularityNET and its legendary robot Sophia. However, some of those have created confusions about Sophia’s real level of intelligence. It unintentionally made other people think that the robot has wholly reached levels same on humankind. Yes, Sophia is advanced; she can walk, speak, remember faces, and understand speeches, but she hasn’t achieved the highest status “yet,” but she will undoubtedly become smarter and more conscious in the future. She may look close to but not precisely humans.

Sophia is being operated through several control systems. Timeline editor is used in preprogramming speeches and sometimes in interacting to media ’s pre-specified questions. Also, a sophisticated chat-bot is used as a computer program designed to select from a big palette of template responses that are based on a limited level of understanding. Another operating system is the refined cognitive design with Artificial General Intelligence- the OpenCog. It allows the network to interoperate languages, actions, and perceptions in a more flexible manner. It acts as chief control architecture with useful tools and deep neural network to attain the greatest humanoid robots. OpenCog is currently under (R&D) Research and Development but is now being used in practical implications like of SingularityNET.

Some of the media and participants during discussions or conferences with Sophia are advised to stick on the list of approved questions. But now, Ben Goertzel and David Hanson decided not to choose script-based approaches and prefer a public interaction with her. This way, they cannot predict what Sophia will say and how she will respond.

Saudi Arabia gave Sophia honorary citizenship which fuels more attention from the public. Other issues have made her visibly noticed by media and investors.

About SingularityNET – the Network that Empowers Robot Sophia

SingularityNET is the decentralized network for machine intelligence. It is a platform that helps developers and businesses in accommodating their needs. It also allows people to develop, share and monetize AI products far away from being controlled by a single giant company. Here, everyone has the right to access the singularity AI. AGI tokens are the token used in SingularityNET transactions. It has a total of one billion crypto supplies.


By now, you probably know some things about Sophia. She is a good representation of the future AI. Most of us believe that their time will indeed come and their presence will be indistinguishable from a human. As we can see, SingularityNET is trying their very best to portray a responsible and distributed network for this kind of intelligence. Hopefully, robots will be developed for the good motives, to help and assist us without abusing their influences and strengths.

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