The Current State of SingularityNET v1.0

You may wonder what is this State of SingularityNET post all about. We will use these posts to share what we have been working and outline our key objectives as we move forward.

This year is a critical one for SingularityNET. We look forward to working closely with everyone including the whole community.

Full-Funding Development & Operations

Running the token sale may involve a lot of energy, time and resources. We honor these efforts led to the symbolic sale of SingularityNET. In just 66 seconds, we were able to raise $36 million.

We may not have achieved this without our community of supporters. After minutes of handshakes and hugs, our team was able to transition toward network expansion and development. Everything we did since the token sale was to serve the first citizens of our AI global commons.

Hiring a World-Class Team

The months after the token sale was equally intense. There is now a core team in place, so we prioritize the filling out of our outreach, executive, and support teams. The creation of a culture where the community comes first is essential for us.

We recently introduced our new Social Media Manager named Kat Von B., and we are excited to see thousands of people say hello. In the past decade of working with major online communities that include blockchain projects such as Steemit, Kat was an ideal fit for our high standards and culture.

The support of Kat is only the beginning. We will outline the additional roles in this post so you can see the whole team.

Establishment of Key Partnerships

In the last few months, our goal was the establishment of valuable partnerships all over the blockchain space: These are the two goals of these partnerships:

1. Work to solve critical research or technical problem shortly.

2. Provide both parties with the first-mover advantages from leveraging their technologies.

Since the Alpha Network is now live, the development focuses on the increase in functionality. In the past weeks, we highlighted how we’re exploring the use of Agents Social Intelligence Service and OpenCog’s Atomspace Hypergraph. We also experiment with the Offer Networks and made progress on the proposed Agent reputation system.

Another thing that we are working on is the constant communication of the ongoing progress to our community.


This year will be a year of execution and action. We will need everyone’s participation, ideas, and thoughts now more than ever. We will outline our anticipated timeline and critical objectives to create an opportunity for the community members to become more involved and provide full transparency.

After our token sale, we will set the stage for a productive second quarter. We will work on finalizing our core team, encourage community involvement and increase development transparency.

The team of SingularityNET is growing and working daily to realize a decentralized AI future that will benefit everyone and not the influential or wealthy.

However, we can’t do it alone. What can everyone do to help?

  1. Get involved

If you’re not involved yet, check out the community-governed subreddit, subscribe to our newsletter and join our Telegram Channel. There are hundreds of people within our community that were able to spearhead significant initiatives so we can bootstrap our network so much faster than the initial estimates. These projects may be independent than what we do internally, but they have earned admiration from our team.

A group, in particular, is The AGI Animation Volunteers that have multiple projects in the works. It includes a series of videos that tell the story of AGI from the token-holders’ perspective. One of the leaders of the group said that they are honored to work with a dedicated community. They encourage everyone to look for ways to contribute to your skill sets and ideas towards the success of the collective network. If you have any idea or are working on something helpful, make sure to inform us about it.

  1. Spread the word

Now, we want to be able to increase the public’s awareness of our vision and technology dramatically. Our team was able to make consistent traction with the potential enterprise clients and developers. However, we can only achieve mass awareness if we partner with our influential community.

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