The Most Expressive Humanoid Robots Powered by SingularityNET

One of the most significant output that modern technology has contributed was the creation of advanced robots. Until today, this robotics have benefited every area of a human being and have helped most of the industrial fields. It can make life easier by decreasing man workload and producing better results. The demand for robot usages has increased a lot because of the many apparent advantages it can give.

For robots to function correctly, it uses Artificial Intelligence also known as machine intelligence. AI is a field of computer science which conceptualize the creation of human-like working machine. To meet all the demands, a group of AI experts founded a decentralized marketplace for AI products and services named as SingularityNET.

What is SingularityNET?

It is an apparent source and smart contracts collection for AI market. It is supported by SingularityNET Foundation that lives with the principle of sharing AI to everyone. Within this network, AI benefits are for all; thus, anyone can have the opportunity to explore AI technology. Everybody can have access to becoming a development stakeholder of the system. Any individual can place their AI services into SingularityNET then get compensated through tokens in return.

This framework is designed to achieve democratic governance and to allow community’s voices in the system. It also aims at engaging, innovative Agents to get involved in the system and create their own AI. SingularityNET wants to broaden the benefits of intelligence.

AGI Token and its Trading Exchanges

As we can observe on the coinmarketcap chart, AGI price is increasing as a sign of coin progress. It can be traded on marketing exchanges like KuCoin, Bitfinex, Ethfinex, Idex, Liqui, ForkDelta and Radar Relay.

Meet Sophia: The Most Expressive Robot

Hanson Robotics, a company which is based in Hongkong, developed her. She was actively started on the year 2015, April 19. It was only March 2016 when she made her first-ever appearance on the public in Texas, United States by SXSW. She can express more than fifty different facial emotions and is the first robot to receive citizenship in Saudi Arabia (October 2016). She has attended numerous interviews and participated in many press conferences where she was able to show her personalities.

The Key Team Members

SingularityNET has a big family of team members and advisors. The current Chief Executive Officer of the group and the most excellent AI expert is Dr. Ben Goertzel. On his side is Simone Giacomelli, he is the leader of blockchain technology and is also behind many successful projects related to the blockchain. Another great member who contributed and co-founded SingularityNET is Dr. David Hanson. He is the present Chairman entrepreneur head of robotics and AI. The sector for marketing is managed by Mitch Loureiro who has extensive experience on significant token sales and in effective marketing strategies. The CTO Cassio Pennachin has more than 20 years of experience as software projects leader. The Foundation is on work of collaborating with a great team of legal professionals including the construction of Supervisory Board.

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