A Partnership With SingularityNET And UNESCO Preparing The Youth For The Future

Four decades ago, the first steps to build the “network of networks” were a reality  that drives to the World Wide Web of the modern times. The first iPhone was released about a decade ago, and the first license for self-driving cars was given to Toyota six years ago.

The pace of technological advancement is growing. Intelligent robots, self-driving cars, genetic editing, neuro-technological brain enhancements ,  the future is racing toward the present. SingularityNet believes the most significant priority of a society should be that its youth is sufficiently able to communicate with the technologies that will create the coming decades. 

Various educational institutes around the world are out of sync with the exponential technological innovations that are about to happen. Unless these institutions adjust their program to present more up to date information and facilities, the graduates of these institutions will not have the ability that will be in need in the future. Technology will not leave any industry intact, and it will represent a significant role in each life, and everybody should be teaching the Language of Technology to as many individuals as probable.

Conquering Digital Colonialism By Building Digital Literacy

SingularityNET announces that they have partnered with UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education (IBE). The UNESCO bureau’s action is part of the fourth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, encouraging lifelong education opportunities and guaranteeing comprehensive and fair quality education. As a partner, SingularityNet will operate with the IBE to produce a new form of curriculum traversing the years from kindergarten to 12th grade, directed at preparing the youth for the future’s fourth industrial revolution.

SingularityNet believes that it is crucial that the talent needed to form and develop a powerful technology such as artificial intelligence is not provided by a preferred few institutions of the most superior nation states. According to Dr. Ben Goertzel, the CEO of SingularityNET, there is an extreme risk of Digital Colonialism if measures are not taken to nurture the youth of today the abilities that will be in demand in the future. Digital Literacy  is  the knowledge to apply one’s technical, cognitive, social, civic and artistic skills to associate with digital tools  and that will empower everyone.

sophia the robot

We are teaching A.I. to see the world from only one perspective,” as says by Dr. Ben Goertzel, “Imagine the biases algorithms like Google’s will display when they are tasked with recognizing people and objects from non-Western countries that have entirely different cultural norms and languages.”

Various characters in A.I. warn that developers require to examine these issues as soon as possible rather than later. The IEEE Standards Association has outlined a set of ethics guidelines so designers can analyze unintended results of their productions ahead of time, evading biases like the racist beauty pageant policy. A Princeton University study last year also discovered text analysis machines acquiring human prejudices.

The curriculum that is being designed will include an extensive collection of subjects, including robotics, natural language A.I., machine learning to interpret data, blockchain analyses, 3D printing, wearables, smartphone-based bioimaging, and many others. The curriculum will first be launched in six countries and will have the final goal of assuring that a tiny crowd of privileged people does not control A.I. and other powerful technologies, but to make them available for all.

Dr. Ben Goertzel is operating on the project with the International Bureau of Education director Mmantsetsa Marop and SingularityNET’s partner iCog Labs, Betelhem Dessie.

Presently, Betelhem Dessie works as project manager of the iCog Anyone Can Code initiative , a precursor to the UNESCO project. “IBE-UNESCO and SingularityNET have embarked on this joint initiative to support the next generation of technologists across the world. The proposal also seeks to advance gender equality in opportunities to specialize in STEM-based professions,” states Betelhem Dessie.

Next Development

SingularityNET purposes to hold on endeavoring toward a future where the entrance to AI algorithms is democratized and where the A.I. algorithms and services are designed and provided by an extensive assortment of people.

The best way ahead is to come together and work effectively towards building a better future. SingularityNet encourages everyone to join in their mission to democratize AI and to apply its transformative powers to perform the real, positive and enduring change. SingularityNET has a passionate and talented community to which anyone can relate by visiting their Community Forum. They are proudly announcing their developers and researchers whose been actively advertising their research for the advantage of the community.

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