A Closer Look to SingularityNET’s Updated Roadmaps

SingularityNET updated roadmap 2018

SingularityNET has successfully released updated roadmaps. Every work is now completely transparent. Everyone can see the key codes for every component through SingularityNET GitHub Repo.

SingularityNET was designed for one goal- to disperse the growing influences of AI. The team collected all the great experts on blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to produce services for everyone. It has a significant number of AI products and services driven by decentralized processes. Any person can use the network on their will to build, give or make money on AI solution. Also, the group has done vital development to transform vision into actuality. Alpha Network is live, and numerous AI Agents are all set. Use SingularityNET CLI for a better involvement on Alpha. However, the most moving network’s improvement has just started.

Three Roadmaps with One Shared Mission

As the network moves nearer to full launch, its researcher, developer, the user as well as the whole community is all assured to have complete awareness on every made progress. To achieve this, a roadmap is constructed and subdivided into three sections- Platform, AI Service and Research Initiative Roadmap. Each division will detail the network’s progress and core milestones. Indeed, roadmaps will help us to be more engaged in every developmental step done by the system.

Platform Roadmap

We all know that platform is the most significant structure of the network and is mainly used for communication and transaction. It enables SingularityNET to perform and function properly. This roadmap contains the component’s growth and advancement.

AI Services Roadmap

It provides all the development of AI services. There are more than fifty researchers on the core team who works on placing batches of functions inside the platform.

Research Initiative Roadmap

SingularityNET AI researchers

This section details all the area for researches. It will empower the long-term abilities of AI by helping and enhancing the components outlined in the first two roadmaps.

Things to Know About Network Roadmap

  • Roadmaps are evolving. They will change each time a new function is added.
  • Platform Roadmap will conclude on the initial launch. The SingularityNET Mainnet is live every time the component is complete. Some Post V1component, a list that will cover all elements regarding platform future release is defined to make the long-term abilities visible.
  • Regular repetitive code updates are expected. Completed codes will be pushed immediately and will not wait for presumed deadlines. It will provide more visible development.
  • There are progress bars that indicate if components are Mainnet, Beta or Alpha-ready. This is Alpha ready if passed Alpha indicator, Beta prepared if passed Beta indicator and Mainnet prepared if the bar is completed.
  • Launching of solutions can be done individually. AI Service platform has no progress indicator. Once completed, it is released right away on the market.

Heading to a Beta Ready platform

Because task will occur regularly and components will develop in an effective path, Alpha may turn into a Beta ready product anytime. Embracing a nimble improvement approach, the network can deliver Singularity software frequently and speedily.

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