Sirin Labs: Consumer Electronics for the Blockchain Era

Technology develops in stages, and it begins with a central idea, something crude but eventually hopeful. An actual product finally comes to a realization. When most of the complications have been worked out, the new tech is presented to the world. Getting a few of early adopters isn’t hard if the project has real worth. Bringing it mainstream, though, is another story.

Blockchains are sitting on the verge of mass adoption anticipating for the best mix of variables to settle into place. Sirin Labs thinks it recognizes what those variables are. The company earned a name for itself a few years ago when it issued an expensive ultra-secure smartphone. After some internal shake-ups and a refocusing of ideals, Sirin is back, and it’s equipped to bring blockchain to the world.

The Sirin Labs in the year 2014 was released with the objective of producing the safest and most protected mobile phone of the history. After an intense research study and improvement procedure, SOLARIN, the Sirin lab’s primary product was introduced in May 2016. The first perspective of the company is to lead the world of protected open source user electronics linking the opening of blockchain and market.

What is Sirin Labs?

It is a Swiss Company based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. It has R&D centers and offices located worldwide like Tel Aviv and London. It produces computers and the cellular phone powered by Android. These devices embrace the concept of the blockchain technology as well as the dominance of the cryptocurrencies that serves as the tool within the electronics industry. SOLARIN includes advance hardware and protection technology, all day-all night internet protection and contains a non-public area for secured text messaging and safe calling. In SIRIN LABS, modern systems meet remarkable style and uncompromising quality. The enthusiasm of the company for superiority pushes it to produce the world’s principal technologies. By beginning style and perfect support, SIRIN LABS helps in providing high-end and distinctive items to users of the world. The successful launch of Solarin proves that there is really a big community which genuinely trusts any items or supports that based on blockchain. There is a considerable demand for cybersecurity and of course for privacy.

SirinLabs recent project is the Finney. The devices of Finney are very first internet-secured phone/computer. It has features of OS Android and also has set of net protected that provide all users the security, dependability, and accessibility to the blockchain. It makes a non-dependent blockchain system, the distributed ledger which is light and portable. IOTA and Sirin Labs run it. The Finney is away from all central framework and any mining centers, thus equipped for delivering quick, fee-less and protected dealings.

The SRN SirinLabs Tokens

The official abbreviation of Sirin Token is ‘SRN.’ In times of selling token, it is applied as ERC20 across Ethereum blockchain and will then be changed to coin in IOTA system. It has numerous usages inside the ecosystem of Sirin Labs that makes it an essential element of the company. That is why all contributors are advised to manage their personal checks and create a self-regulating decision. It can be used to purchase items and services offered by Sirin Labs. There are discounts exclusively provided for those users who buy or pre-order products or applications utilizing SRN tokens. Anyone can buy Solarin at their main store located in Bruton place London, UK and also through online ( SRN is now trading in several exchanges like Upbit, Bittrex, Liqui, Huobi, Bancor Network, and Idex.

The Excellent Team of Sirin Labs

sirin labs teamThe whole team has a very good record of providing excellent quality digital items. Moshe Hogeg and Kenges Rakishev are the chairman and CEO of SIRIN Labs. Its excellent advisors are Takeshi Ito, Jeff Pulver, Joan Laporta and Zuk Avraham. The table below contains all the important name that contributes to the success of the system.

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