Solve.Care Announces The Partnership With LYFT Ridesharing Solution

Solve.Care, known as a decentralized platform for the administration of healthcare and benefits programs announces their partnership with LYFT. It aims to accommodate patients and providers with more options and control over non-emergency medical transportation. partnership with lyft

Lyft providing a more technically excellent, economical alternative to taxi services, will assuredly improve access to medical care with first-of-its-kind blockchain and ridesharing service integration.

With more than 300 cities served in the United States and expansion plans to other countries, it is perceived as a company that in the coming years they will have a more significant number of users. This growth can serve to, since many users can refer directly to require the services of the company blockchain.

The integrated solution will allow for Solve.Care’s wallet holders with higher access and control over healthcare-associated transportation. The users will be capable of scheduling their own Lyft rides to doctors’ offices, hospitals, and pharmacies, with the facility to plug in sought arrival times. As an addition, patients can automatically compensate for the ride with their Care.Wallet and share ride costs with their family members, employers, insurers and others. The partnership also allows for coordination between a patient, provider and family members, regarding assistance, arrival, cost and schedule adjustments.

Pradeep Goel, Solve.Care’s CEO explained that they are continuously working to give better access to medical care. By partnering with Lyft, their platform will provide a more effective and seamless experience for patients and allow payers, employers, and other agencies to improve patient satisfaction in timely access to care, lessened wait times, and simpler cost-sharing and access to transportation support.

The platform utilizes Blockchain as the underlying distributed ledger to totally change the way coordination of care, benefits administration and real-time payments are fulfilled in healthcare. The innovative use of Blockchain by the Solve.Care platform supports for configuration of patient-centric care administration networks that enable participation based on disease conditions, financial and social requirements, employment, and other eligibility standards.

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