Sparkster Build and Run Decentralized Software in Plain English

The rise of decentralized applications into every industries solution is one unique and exciting feature of the blockchain technology. Every developer, may it be an individual or company engaging in blockchain is endeavoring to utilize the functions of decentralized applications. Favorably, a blockchain investment is introduced to provide the most comprehensive services which help users in creating their own model of DApp from scratch.

Sparkster promotes the ‘decentralized execution of Smart Software’ which is a progression on Smart Contracts across a network of mobile phones, notebooks, laptops and other personal devices supported by Sparkster network of miners. These miners are compensated in SPARK tokens for sharing additional capacity on their individual devices to the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud.

Sparkster plans a future in which decentralized networks can be notably affordable than conventional cloud computing such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Sparkster A Decentralized Cloud

Sparkster is a platform of empowerment that brings ideas to life by developing software without mastering how to code. It utilizes intuitive drag and drop interfaces and the capacity to distinguish business philosophy in common English to build anything possible. It also focuses on what a user desire to create and let sparkster platform modify ideas into operating software in seconds. 

The innovation in the 21st Century is essentially dependent on software development. A plethora of examples are the emerging companies in the modern period such as Uber, Airbnb, and Instagram. They are exclusively software companies. The Sparkster platform strives to democratize access to innovation and make the revolutionize approach in the 21st century available to everyone.

Problem Statement

Industries, startups, and individuals striving to adapt AI, IOT and Smart Contracts are protected with barriers to controlling these revolutionary technologies. The current business technologies are architecturally incompatible, IT departments move too gradually, and able people accustomed to these technologies are not accessible in sufficient supply.

The standard process in which software is currently built is rather convoluted. A specialist that knows the complications of a business process explain their requirements to a member of the IT team. The IT team are technicians that normally have a limited knowledge of the actual business. The IT team endeavor to document what they learned from their meeting with the domain expert. Through an iterative process of dismissal and rework, they ultimately and successfully record what their customer (the domain expert) requires. Then they start a process of investigating how they might accomplish this, before
they begin development.

Product Overview

The Sparkster Platform equips users to create software without writing any code, by just dragging and dropping sections that are in simple English.

Sparkster Platform

Arrange and snap blocks that specify what a user wants to create without the worries about how it works. The platform makes software becomes as easy as playing Lego. It also lessened the time to build software from months to days. Too easy that even children have developed software in minutes.


Sparkster Decentralized Cloud 

The Sparkster Decentralized Cloud facilitates the execution of Smart Software described utilizing the Sparkster No Code Platform, in a decentralized manner. A miner can install the Sparkster “mining” app on their cell phone that will provide user-generated Smart Software with a local “Sparkster Runtime Environment (SRE).” The SRE would restrict the architecture
essential for the execution and decentralized coordination of functions, workflows, etc.

Token Economic Value Model

Sparkster has developed a global Marketplace to bring authors together with innovators and makers through the Sparkster Platform. Authors can build components, for example, an Ethereum Smart Contract for the automotive industry, and publish them on Sparkster Marketplace. Innovators and makers can find these elements from their Marketplace and merge them to build custom software solutions for the problem they are attempting to solve.

Token Purpose and Intent

Sparkster tokens are designated to facilitate trade between members of their community and render an incentive for authors and innovators to contribute to the Marketplace. When publishing to sparkster Marketplace, authors can choose to charge for the application of their contribution. While the author is free to select the price to charge, the payment will be done with Spark tokens.

Token Distribution Platform

Sparkster token sale will be managed on the Ethereum network. They will be using issuing standard ERC-20 tokens. A user must not use wallets from an exchange such as Coinbase, Binance, etc.

Token Distribution Strategy

1% of total token supply will be disseminated to our sparkster’s charitable organization: The Dreamers Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to promote education and technological innovation amongst the world’s impoverished people and to create technology that supports their growth, independence and improves their sense of self-determination.

10% of all tokens will be kept to support the current and future team. These will be allocated as rewards, incentives, bonuses, etc. to support sparkster’s growth and development.

Sparkster Leadership Team

Sajjad Daya

An entrepreneur and co-founded companies and divisions around the world numerously. Sajjad has been contributory in building and managing a portfolio of global companies that generate annual revenues more than $50 million. Sparkster is the outcome of his unrelenting, fierce and passionate responsibility to empower the powerless.


Amit Kumar
VP Technology

He is an IT Professional with 20+ years of expertise in several leadership roles in the areas of Application & Database management. He is also a seasoned veteran with experience working at Wipro & Ankh Software; he has worked in various domains – Healthcare, Manufacturing & E-Commerce. Amit lives and breathes our cultural perspective of “Making the Impossible Possible.”


Shabeer Kirmani
Technical Evangelist

Shabeer is an Inspired Techie, Researcher, Public Speaker, and Dreamer. Shabeer has a varied professional experience working with many Fortune 100 Firms including AT&T, Pfizer, and NBCUniversal, in divisions as various as Finance, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Informatics, Consulting, and Government, and most lately working as a


Dayanie Rajeev
VP Human Resources

Dayanie is a genuine winner in the human capital management operation. With a decade of practice working in organizations such as Citi Bank and Accenture, Dayanie is attributed with creating the team of Sparkster Warriors. These are not regular people, Dayanie has been instrumental in recognizing individuals that have the tenacity, passion and technical prowess to overcome any technical obstacle they’re displayed with.

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