Stellar An Open-Source Protocol for Exchanging Money Using Blockchain

The Stellar (XLM) is a distributed hybrid blockchain technology platform that is based on a ledger and database. It is a non – profit community – owned network which facilitates cross – asset transfer of values (such as payments) at a portion of a penny.

XLM serves as an open source financial cryptocurrency system that connects people of all income levels to access low – cost financial services. This cryptocurrency is intended to bridge the gaps between distinct closed systems that comprise of existing international financial markets. Plus, the network establishes a common and egalitarian international financial platform; it has adopted a bilateral stand which instantaneously provides solutions to centralized banking system by expanding the access to low – cost financial services to the unbanked and underbanked institutions.

In addition to that, Stellar has a technical architecture which consists of three elements:

  • Stellar Network – worldwide network of nodes that are maintained by users, holders, and organizations.
  • Stellar Core – serves as the network’s nodes
  • Horizon application programming interface (API) – applications such as online banking apps, mobile wallets, and payment services all work together through this element.

Fun fact: Did you know that Stellar was originally based on the Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency model and protocol? It is actually the fork of the said crypto that is backed up by a $3,000,000 loan from Stripe. That is why both the crypto exchanges have a lot in common, the only catch is Stellar is an open source and decentralized network.

The Special Features of Stellar Lumens (XLM)


The Stellar Lumens founding team aims to integrate within the modern financial ecosystem. Having said that, here are the following special features:

  • Fast – processing transactions
  • Stellar Consensus Protocol – the platform’s consensus algorithm which uses a united byzantine contract model that is unique in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Distributed exchange – with XLM coins, users can send any cryptocurrency that they hold to anyone else in a different currency.
  • Order book – crypto exchange is submitted as an “offer” to the order book – a special feature which finds the cheapest exchange rate for the transaction in – order to minimize the fees.
  • Anchors – also called as integrators, these serve as trusted entities that issue credits and hold users deposits. So instead of using a standalone cryptocurrency to transfer value on an international reach, XLM users would simply transfer fiat currency – equivalent credit over the blockchain. Essentially, anchors connect different currencies to the Stellar Network.
  • Built – in decentralized exchange (DEX) – with this special feature, company startups to establish their own custom ICO on the Stellar Core Network. DEX allows users to combine concepts into modified structures that facilitate dividend issuance, bonds, collateral debt and escrow.

Stellar (XLM) ICO Profile Information

The ICO acronym stands for “Initial Currency Offering” and/or “Initial Coin Offering”. Initial Coin Offering refers to an individual who offers potential investors some units of a new cryptocurrency platform or a new crypto – token in exchange of legal tender or other cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, an Initial Coin Offering is the unregulated way of crowdfunding is used for the development of new cryptocurrency endeavors. An ICO is typically used as a source of capital by company startups to avoid the demanding procedures required by financial institutions such as banks.

The Stellar Lumens does not handle any software type (like Ethereum) but it is one of the better choices for ICOs. With that being said, we have provided tables below indicating the detailed ICO profile information of Stellar (XLM):

Complete Metrics ScoreTotal of 69%
Major Exchanges Trading Activity67% Liquidity
Source Code Repository Activity82% Developer
Social Media and Discussion Board59% Community


Merged Pull Requests280
Closed Issues621
Total Issues741

What is a Stellar Lumens Coin (XLM)?

Stellar Lumens or Lumens (XLM) is the unit of a digital currency (native asset) that issued by the platform (do not confuse Stellar with Lumens, Stellar is the network platform while Lumens is the cryptocurrency of the said network).

XLM serves as the intermediary cryptocurrency on the Stellar Network which facilitate multi – currency transactions at a low cost whilst preventing denial – of – service attacks (spam). Fully half of the Lumens coins are distributed via a direct signup program that dispenses free XLM coins to users; 50% are directed to a partnership program that encourages contribution to the network; and 20% is airdrop to BTC and XRP holders, with the remaining 5% to be reserved for the Stellar Development Corporation.

In line with Stellar’s low fees, a base fee (or nominal fee, which increases if the system suspects that a certain account is submitting transactions with the intention of shutting the system down) of 0.00001 XLM is accompanied with every transaction to dissuade malicious users from spamming the platform (the base fee is collected, redistributed and goes to the network’s inflation pool, this releases 1% rate of Lumens per annum).

What is the Potential Price of a Lumens Coin (XLM)?

stellar token price

The Stellar boasts Lumens (XLM) built – in crypto coin capabilities which made it possible for organizations that do not require difficult smart contracts to create their own custom – made tokens on the XLM blockchain and launch an ICO.

Speaking of the value of Lumens (XLM), the crypto coin has experienced an unstable start this 2018. XLM coins experienced an uptick of over $0.90 USD to a late March plummet of $0.18 USD. Current announcements of potential bank incorporation, however, have seen Stellar evoke its lost ground, recovering to the $0.24 USD.

With that being said, we have provided tables which indicate the potential price of Lumens coins (XLM):

XLM Coin InformationDetails
Coin CodeXLM
PlatformStellar Network
Current Price$0.213413 USD (0.00003215 BTC)
Market Capitalization Rank#8
Gecko Rank#12
Coin Price Hourly Change+0.73%
Coin Price Daily Change+3.99%
Coin Price Weekly Change+11.74%


XLM Coin Investment InformationDetails
Market Capitalization$4,003,814,097 USD (603,215 BTC)
Available Supply18.8 billion XLM
Circulating Supply18,760,872,565 XLM
Total Supply104.1 billion XLM
Trading Volume (24 Hours)$34,294,100 USD (5,167 BTC)
Trading Volume (24 Hour Low)$0.202334 USD
Trading Volume (24 Hour High)$0.215803 USD
All – Time High$0.875563 USD
Since All – Time High-76%
All – Time High Date
  1. – 03 – 2018
24 Hours+1.5%
7 Days+12%
14 Days-8.1%
30 Days-27%
60 Days-51%
1 Year730%
Restricted CountriesNo Restrictions

List of Stellar (XLM) Trading Exchange Sites

stellar exchanges

As of the moment, Lumens coins earned the 7th spot of having the largest market capitalization among cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

The Stellar (XLM) Team

The Stellar Lumens (XLM) cryptocurrency exchange platform was officially found in 2014, it is dubbed as the “future of banking”.  Without further ado, let us introduce you to the key people that launched in 2014:

Core Team

  • Jed McCaleb – co – founder of the Stellar Development Foundation; McCaleb also works as a developer and chief technology officer (CTO)
  • Nicolas Barry – works as a chief technology officer (CTO)
  • Scott Fleckenstein – works as a software developer
  • Rafal Malinowski – works as a software developer
  • Bartek Nowotarski – works as a software developer and engineer
  • David Mazieres – works as a chief scientist
  • Boris Reznikov – works as a director of partnerships
  • Lisa Nestor – works as a director of partnerships
  • Ella Qiang – works as a director of partnerships in China
  • Tunde Ladipo – works as a director of partnerships

Board Members

  • Keith Rabois – former senior executive at PayPal, board member at Xoom, and an early angel investor at Youtube, Airbnb, among others.
  • Greg Brockman – former chief technology officer (CTO) at Stripe
  • Shivani Siroya – chief executive officer (CEO) of InVenture

Board of Advisors

  • Patrick Collison – co – founder and CEO of Stripe
  • Matt Mullenweg – CEO of Automattic which is the founding company of; Mullenweg also earned a spot in Forbes’ “Most Influential Angel Investors on AngelList”
  • Ronaldo Lemos – board member of Mozilla Firefox Foundation and director at the Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro (
  • Dan Kaminsky – serves as Stellar’s technical advisor
  • Greg Stein – director at the Apache Software Foundation and member of the Phyton Software Foundation
  • Naval Ravikant – co – founder and CEO of AngelList; Ravikant is also an active angel investor of Twitter, Uber, among others.
  • Sam Altman – president of Y Combinator
  • Bhagwan Chowdhry – professor of finance at UCLA Anderson

The Stellar Lumens (XLM) Road Plan

stellar roadmap

The Stellar Core Network core team aims to combat poverty and develop people’s potentials when it comes to financial services. Having said that below is a glimpse of the milestones of the Stellar road plan through the years:


  • The Stellar Network has officially launched 100 billion Stellar coins (former name of Lumens coins).


  • The core team has officially released the upgraded version of the network.
  • The core team has come to a decision to change the network’s cryptocurrency’s name from Stellar to Lumens (this is to not confuse the users that is the non – profit organization network and Lumens is its crypto coins)

October 2017

  • Stellar has officially partnered with International Business Machines (IBM), Stripe, Deloitte, Wipro and many more organizations that use the Stellar Network to simplify cross – border transactions.

January 2018

  • The Stellar Network has already given away more than 8 billion XLM coins to users

The Stellar Lumens (XLM) Project

The Stellar Core Network project is a conflict-ridden subject matter within the blockchain community (competitors of this cryptocurrency argue that the platform is not really decentralized), nevertheless the platform still have the upcoming projects in store for the coming years:

August 30, 2018

  • Hard fork of the Stellar Network – soon all XLM holders will be official owners of Stellar Dolphin

October 1, 2018

  • Lightning Network Beta Version – the Lightning Network will be integrated to the platform soon, in collaboration of Bitcoin core developer Jeremy Rubin. This beta version will feature “lightning” speed transactions (hence the name) while keeping the transaction fees very low.

December 2018

  • To integrate the Lightning Network on the Stellar Livenet
  • To launch The Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX), the core team is still on the works to release a world – class frontend which features: a day – one trading for any XLM ICO token, atomic matching to partner the cheapest rates between any two digital assets, and end – user control of secret keys.


  • To improve general brand communication
  • To implement walk – through to help people on all income levels to get going
  • To enhance technical documentations (such as release notes)
  • To further improve the Horizon API and surrounding software development kits (SDKs)
  • Stellar Lumens users will be required to procure XLM coins from 3rd party users.

To conclude, the Stellar Core Network together with its Lumens coins (XLM) is competitive with other cryptocurrency on so many levels. As a matter of fact, the platform is in direct competition with Ethereum’s ICO for being a digital assets partner of financial institutions, banks, and other businesses.

This makes the Lumens coins (XLM) the crypto to look out for, due to its low price, low transaction fees, and fast processing transactions.

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