Storiqa: The Number One Crypto Marketplace

Even though more and more outlets and retailers are starting to accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment, anyone in a hold of a sum of bitcoins or “altcoins” can still not utilize them in day-to-day financial operations. The idea of designing a marketplace came to the project team after a crowdfunding platform where small-scale productions and startups find crowdfunding for the development of their projects and recognition of their ideas.

The process we shop online is advancing to develop by leaps and bounds in the years to come. As the Internet is becoming more comprehensive, the number of online shoppers and businesses is on inflation.

Storiqa assists businesses to streamline their sales processes for the new digital economy by utilizing smart contracts and facilitating payments in various cryptocurrencies.

What is Storiqa?

Storiqa is an online crypto marketplace that strives to resolve several problems such as financial borders, false reviews, and extra charges that are present within the present generation of marketplaces by utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts to help businesses streamline their sales processes and payment mechanisms. Their focus is on SMEs (Small and Medium-Scale enterprises), and they intend to achieve their focus by providing an easy-to-setup marketplace that can be heavily customizable and secure for individual enterprises.

Storiqa is based in Russia and has already partnered with over 50 shops and vendors in Russia for their concluded test launch, and they are currently seeking to expand their presence to the Asian and American markets. Moreover, Storiqa has also released their Beta MVP version,

What problems does it solve?

Currently, payments are one of the largest problems in this business because of low transparency, the involvement of agents and high charges. It is a trouble for both buyers and sellers.

Storiqa’s platform treats payments immediately, without the involvement of intermediaries, using any currency of your choice set against the cryptocurrency price defined by the seller. Furthermore, unified smart contracts make transactions extremely fast and reliable.

The smart contract guarantees that the money goes to the seller when and only when the buyer approves the delivery. So, the buyer makes the fee once their order arrives, which makes it suitable for both parties and rises trustworthiness.

Customer analysis tools
Storiqa enables businesses to follow customers’ activity in a simple and classy way. It offers the required mechanisms to constantly collect, analyze and process customer information.

Customer feedback
Storiqa offers an integrated telephony service that allows the store owners to receive feedback calls from their clients with next to no setup needed. Owners can also save and playback recorded calls, and monitor the performance of their call managers. This makes it easy to gather feedback quickly, and implement changes to increase sales.

Storiqa STQ Token

The STQ is the native crypto of the network produced according to blockchain standards and will be the primary currency within the Storiqa market. Low transaction costs are some of the benefits presented as the reason why people can settle for the currency.

Storiqa made a symbolic sale of STQ tokens earlier this year. Anyone who has bought the tokens in the ICO is eligible for more profits and bonuses. The starting price of an STQ token in ICO time was $ 0.003

Storiqa Coin Features

The Storiqa coin, as a sufficient number of encrypted coins, has a limit on the total number of coins that will be in circulation. The maximum bid is linked to 11,287,544, 272 STQ coins. Currently, there are around 7, 767,544,247 STQ coins on offer.

The company made its first initial coin offer between November 27, 2017, and January 26, 2018. The company intends to provide 10% for the first STQ buyers, and 15% for the Storiqa team. The remaining 60% were disseminated through the symbolic sale.

The Cryptomaniac has a constant supply of coins and accepts soft, hard coins. One of the digital wallets that the coin is compatible includes Storiqa Wallet, MyEtherWallet and any Wallet that is compatible with ERC20 as it is an ERC20 token. STQ tokens should be utilized for external and internal payments in the Storiqa market.

Storiqa Core Team


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