SunContract A Blockchain Based Energy Trading Platform

What is SunContract?

SunContract disrupts the energy sector with a unique business model, supported by the blockchain technology. Blockchain takes over the role of the middleman as technology support, which can be trusted by default since any activities on the blockchain are peer-to-peer reviewable.

SunContract is a platform that straightly connects electricity producers and consumers into an electricity supply based on smart contracts, that is a new, exciting and positive method to peer to peer electricity trading. Its vision is to promote a global self-sufficient energy community based on renewable energy and peer-to-peer energy trading based on the blockchain and smart contracts. By creating such an ecosystem, SunContract would like to offer exceptional independence when it comes to energy.

SunContract Mission and Vision

suncontract• Build a digitally-tradable crypto-token for energy trading;
• Allow personal contribution to advancing the global situation;
• Support self-consumption and self-sufficiency;
• Use the full potential of local renewable resources;
• Take advantage of blockchain technologies;
• Facilitate transparent transactions between producers and consumers into the Pool, based on smart-contracts;
• Lowering charges by reducing or eliminating the role of the middleman;
• Strengthen the cryptocurrency network;
• Connect people globally, borderless;
• Take an essential step towards reducing global warming

The suncontract project intends to build a sun-driven economy. The team has excellent ideas on how to combine blockchain technology into the energy sector, enhance services and increase economic, environmental and social advantages. The funds they accumulate will allow them to produce and execute a variety of innovations that they are preparing for this sector in the future. It is a huge change in the energy market with the potential to reward all participants; the consumer with cheaper costs and cleaner energy, producers with better pay for the electricity they produce and SunContract by the extension of the network.

How This Platform Works

The established by producing new services which will optimize energy business. On the first level, they set the SunContract Energy pool. The purpose is to join together electrical power producers and consumers and allow them to trade electricity through the Pool. After successful registration, everybody can participate in the Pool. But to trade electricity one would need to get SunContract tokens (SNC). SNC’s will be distributed at the SunContract token sale as a software and energy license to utilize the Energy Pool.

SunContract P2P Platform Roadmap

suncontract roadmap

Based on a phased strategy, the SunContract P2P Platform will join energy producers and consumers. Users will be capable of trading electricity directly; the final value and quantity will be defined by trading algorithms based on sale clearings on the Blockchain. The producer and consumer will decide the bid and the asking price of electricity, at which they would be agreeable to sell or buy, and trading algorithm and smart contracts will do the matching and compact. The minimum and maximum prices of electricity will be determined by the contracts for electricity sold and acquired outside the pool.

The Core Team

SunContract operates an international team with vision, expertise, innovative thinking, openness, administration skills, marketing experience, developers coming from different backgrounds from IT, energy sectors, finance, the blockchain, and more. With blockchain technology growing at this rapid pace, its implementation in the energy sector as inevitable. Being the first in the market, filling the crypto-world into electricity is a great opportunity that everyone should not miss.

MSc Gregor Novak
Co-founder, CEO
Gregor Novak is an expert executive with nearly two decades of experience in the Power Industry, having served in two of the most important and complex national electricity companies in the Republic of Slovenia. Before SunContract, Mr. Novak worked as System Administrator and Chief Information Officer to establish company BORZEN – a Slovenian power market operator and regional power exchange (now spin-off to BSP SouthPool).

suncontract team

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