SunContract (SNC) – A Global Platform for Energy Trading

Earth has been very generous to us. However, people have ruined half of the globe’s green resources. This is not sustainable. The world is our responsibility; it should not be passed to next generation and hange should start on our self.

Introduction to SunContract


It is created to disrupt energy sectors with innovative business ideal, powered by the technology of this groundbreaking blockchain. With this mechanism, middlemen are of no use. This will serve as a reliable infrastructure. Every transaction here is a peer to peer reviewable. It can straightly connect the consumer and the energy producing company in to a pool of electricity using smart contract as basis. It is the newest, thrilling and better method to a P2P trading of electricity. SunContract is a platform supporting the community of a self-sufficient energy. With the creation of peer to peer and renewable energy ecosystem, this platform aims on contributing to a larger independence in terms of energy.

It is a platform for energy trade that utilizes blockchain in creating new disruptive model to trade electricity. It is a project that can connect 3 areas with massive potentials. These three fields are the people, the electricity and the blockchain. The quality of man’s lives depends on the progress and growth of each particular area. They all play a big role in the world. If they will join altogether, they can produce a disruptive and new approach of trading energy. Surely, they can change the world into an improved and happier place of man’s living.

To support full sustainability, it is a must for everyone to support the SunContract as well. The platform connects the people producing the energy and the people consuming it with a common welfare. Both parties aim of saving money and resources. Their common goal is to make a smarter and cleaner tomorrow.

Electricity belongs to the list of keystones for the new society to work properly. Finance, household, communication, hospitals, road infrastructure, and most industry today depend greatly on the power of electricity. The current market for renewable energy is rising swiftly because of the increasing demands for energy. Another reason why market increases fast is that, people are now more aware on the possible effect of climate change. This subsequently unlocks new yet remarkable opportunities. According to the research study of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, in year 2040, more than half of the overall energy sector investment will prefer renewable. On that time, the entire worldwide investment will become $11.4 trillion.  The $7.8 trillion from it will be for renewable energy while the $3.2 trillion will be for fossil fuel energies. It indicates a substantial upsurge of investment on the sector of renewable energy, particularly on solar and wind power energy. Both are amounting to more than sixty five percent of the overall renewable investment. The present status of energy in the market faces some difficulties in power station on centralized and conventional form. Here, they usually demand for high costs in transmitting energy across long distance.

The current model and infrastructure for electricity model will find a hard time coping with the growing demand for energy. Statistically, electricity demand is said to double (more than double actually) on year 2050. The planet needs to change now its existing model, from centralize energy production to a decentralize one.  For years now, there have been some exerted efforts to achieve the sustainable and renewable energy system.

The SunContract Tokens – SNC


Those who participated on SunContract token sale can get the project’s very own SNC tokens. Ethereum was the only digital currency that they accepted during the sale. Therefore, they fixed the SNC price for the accumulated Ether. The distribution of the SNC was based on the ratio of ten thousand SNC in every one ETH. It means, the token that a participant may get will depend on the timing.

The Bounty Scheme

The token shares a bounty participant can get will be based on what they contributed. Bigger rewards are expected to participants with bigger efforts.  The more they promote SunContract, the more rewards they will receive.

SunContract distributes the bounty for participant who uses any of these methods. They can participate on the signature campaign at Participants may follow and promote the Twitter account of SunContract. Moreover, bounty is given to those individual who publish and post blogs about this project. Also, you can get rewards through topic translating.

The Early Bird Bonus

To recognize those early SunContract participants, rewards are set to them. The earlier they participate, the bigger their bonus will be. They provided a schedule for token issuance. On the pre-sale, 1 ETH is for 11,600 SNC.  On the first week, 11,500 SNC is for 1 Ethereum and 11,000 SNC for the second week. On the week three, SNC will be 10,500 and SNC will be 10,000 for the week four. The amount of 1 SNC was determined according to the fund amount raised during the token sale. Just right after the token sale, SNC is available on market exchanges. Here, the SNC price will be based on market status.

The SunContract issues several SNC covering all gathered Ethereum on token sale. The capitalization is set to hundred thousand Ethereum. The amount of SNC represents the basis for additional coin issuance for referral, bounty and team member. The 20% from the total SNC counts are allotted to all advisor, developer, bounty and sale execution expenses. The remaining major part (80%) is exclusively for token sale participants. SunContract offers an increase to the token amounts by means of the Referral and Bounty strategies. When distribution of tokens is completed, SunContract will not create new more SNC tokens.

The funds collected on the coin sale will be used on designated areas of allocation. Half of the funds is used to develop the company. The 25% will be for sales or marketing and 15% will be for SunContract operations. The remaining part will be for legal purposes. Funds could be very useful in the future.

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