TE-FOOD, A Farm-To-Table Traceability Solution

What is TE-FOOD?

TE-Food is a blockchain powered farm-to-table traceability solution, meeting all logistics and food quality projects and data management of the supply chain. It provides cost-effective software and identification tools to secure livestock and fresh food stock data transparently.

TE-FOOD started in 2016 and it serves more than 6000 business customers. It handles daily 400,000 business transactions. TE-FOOD integrates supply chain companies to improve food safety, eliminate food frauds by its fresh food ecosystem.

The world’s largest farm-to-table food traceability solution is TE-FOOD. Now they use the tracking application to trace 12,000+ pigs, 200,000+ chickens, and 2.5 million eggs per day.


  • Role and Category-based process
    Processes and covers for supply chain roles, livestock and fresh food categories. Easy identification tool management. Modules for easy identification element ordering and management.

Agents can accept when they buy/sell tracked items.

They accept transports, create tracked items after the slaughtering process.

Wholesalers also verify transported items, create new tracked items after the repackaging process.

Veterinaries can check the fresh food more times.

Authority can check transports and their connected data at any time.


  • Open system


The TE-FOOD has interfaces for third-party traceability software connection.


  • Enforcement support


The uses method for enforcement support is- authority checkpoints, and automated fraud management functions.


  • Blockchain


Their blockchain system is unchangeable, the incorruptible ledger for traceability information.

Road Map



The following is their roadmap to date:

Q2 2015: TE Ltd. begins development of TE-FOOD in cooperation with Erba Ltd.

Q2 2016: Agreement reached to implement TE-FOOD with the government of Ho Chi Minh City.

Q4 2016: In the HCMC region, TE-FOOD launches for tracking pig and pork.

Q2 2017: Chicken farm/egg producer employees trained (10,000 total).

Q3/4 2017: Chicken and egg tracking starts, National Livestock Registration system starts in Vietnam.

Q1, 2018: Token TE-FOOD (TDF) launched. Token-based operation of TE-FOOD services starts.

Q1, 2018: Token sale, TE-FOOD token sale starts in February 2018.

Q2, 2018: TE-FOOD International is founded, Marketplace is launched, TE-FOOD Marketplace expands logistical and food safety data. Cattle tracking is launched. Cattle tracking will be implemented in TE-FOOD.

Q2, 2018: Fruits and vegetable tracking is launched. TE-FOOD will be launch tracking of fruits and vegetables.

Q2, 2018: Established in two additional countries, TE-FOOD started official work in 2 new target countries.

Q3, 2018: Blockchain implemented for traceability data

Q3, 2018: Launched Fish and seafood tracking

Q3, 2018: New developments are launched. Animal antibiotics traceability. Smart pandemic forecasting and alarm modules launched for the National Livestock Registration system.

Q1, 2019: Ready the food safety sensor tools. Start the sensor tools of TE-FOOD for smart lock and safety.

Q1, 2019: Extended farm management. They first extend all existing management system and new modules are available, according to the G.A.P. standards.

Q2, 2019: Animal face recognition system is ready.

Q2, 2019: Market presence in 4 countries. Two new TE-FOOD offices are opened in target countries.




The company works with many farming companies- C.P. GroupJAPFALotte MartAEON, and Government of Ho Chi Minh City. Each one of them is a large volume purchaser, so it is expected that TFD tokens will have heavy usage.

This project is more leading than other supply chain blockchain projects in business development and technology both. The team has some differences with other supply-chain blockchain projects like WabiWaltonchainAmbrosus, and ModumSmall farms can compete more effectively with the big players with the use of TFD, because they easily ensure the safety of their produce at a cost-effective.

Token Description



It is used as a medium of exchange between businesses. It will also be rewarded to customers, whose use the app to scan food. Those tokens can be used on the platform to purchase higher food quality analysis services.

The diagram below shows how the token work:

B2B Mobile App



The B2B mobile app runs on low-end phones and it contains all functions of the supply chain, which need for companies.

TE Food Team

The team is comprehensive in their partnership agreements, company structure, and progress update.

TE Food Team Management


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