Connecting Traditional Banking Systems With Blockchain


What is is a next-generation financial institution based on blockchain technology. This platform aims to disrupt the financial blockchain market and bring out the new era of financing and trading. Trade Token team is based out of Zug, Switzerland which is also known as the Crypto Valley. As of now, Trade Token also providing the consultation services to the new and worthy blockchain groups. They have outlined the services for the consultation on their website. They provide services such as Advisor recruitment, Community management, smart contract audit, and security audit.

Initially, they have started their project as the trading platform for the crypto assets built on the blockchain technology. Eventually, their primary goal is to provide CFDs and forex for commodities and many more. They saw a vast fee is taken by the banks from the investors and companies and also the liquidity problem was a factor in the traditional system. The existing trading platforms lack the transparency in transactions, and they don’t have any third party verification system this often leads to the conflicts in the system. They saw an opportunity in the trading platform to use the blockchain technology. aims to democratize the trading markets and save some bucks for the investors and the companies by reducing the cost of trading.

How it works

investment banking servicesAfter the launch of, they promise to trade more than 120 different financial indicators such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, commodities, and energies, etc. wants to become the leading trading platform for multiple financial assets that will be based on the blockchain technology. aims to provide the most cost-effective platform to facilitate investment banking services. They want to see TIO in the top 5 crypto assets in the world.

Investors will benefit from the blockchain technology as it provides an immutable record for every transaction. This will provide more transparency to the investors. They also want to reduce the liquidity pool by availing the multiple revenue streams. will also help in the field of investment banking; it will assist existing and new tokens in raising the funds that will be listed on uses the utility token TIO to participate and exchange in the shared liquidity pool to provide frictionless financial transactions.

The team at Trade Token

Trade Token team

The team of Trade Token has extensive experience in the sector of banking and blockchain industry. Their core members have been working for around 20 years at UBS, Citi and Deutsche Bank. Most of the team members of the Trade Token have attended the best universities in the world such as Harward University, Yale University, Oxford University, University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth University.

Jim Preissler is the CEO of the Trade Token while Charles Voltron serving as Chief technology officer. Another member Roy Gutshall serves as the Chief operating officer while John Patrick Mullin is in charge of Research and development.

The team of Trade Token is massive; in the management alone they have 14 members. They have fully fledged team of developers to build the platform.


Trade Token ICO

The ICO of Trade Token was conducted from 7th December 2017 to 4 January 2018. Where they set the hard cap 135 million USD to complete all the tasks initially. The necessary information about the ICO is listed below.

Trade Token ICO information

Token            –    TIO

Token type            –    ERC20

Price            –    $1.08 USD per TIO

Total tokens            –    500 million

Token Available for sale            –    55%

Hard cap            –    $31 million USD

Accepted payments            –    ETH, USD

Initially, they only accepted ETH and USD as payment for the TIO tokens. Their token allocation is as follows.

  • 55% tokens were available for ICO
  • 10% tokens were reserved for the liquidity pool
  • 20% tokens were reserved for the founder and developers team
  • 4% tokens were for the Advisors and vendors
  • And rest 11% tokens were reserved for the future use.

Trade Token exchanges

TIO exchanges

TIO token is the backbone of the platform. It powers all the utility of the platform. Trade Token has partnered with many exchanges, and they will bring their exchange platform in the coming future but meanwhile, you can trade TIO on these exchanges that are listed below.

  • Bitforex
  • Kucoin
  • OKEx
  • Bancor network
  • HitBTC
  • IDEX

These are the main exchanges that partnered with, and they will launch their exchange in the coming months. You will need to sign up with these exchanges to start trading, or you can link your wallet with these websites to trade TIO tokens. They will announce if more exchanges are added to this list.

Price Analysis

The current price of the TIO token is $0.44 USD with the trading volume of $3.8 million USD and circulating supply of tokens is 89 million TIO. TIO has a market cap of $40 million USD which is significant. is not yet ready for commercial use that is why the price of TIO tokens is dropped from 1 USD. Once they ready their platform and bring more users to the platform the price of the TIO will increase.

Almost all the main functionality of the platform will be released by the end of the year so it is safe to say that the price of TIO will once again touch 1 USD by the end of the year.

Roadmap to the Future

Trade Token roadmap

They finished their ICO in January 2018. After that, they partnered with the FXprimus and Primus capital UK. They use the springboard to provide innovation to the networks of thousands. In December 2017 they released the MT4 blockchain integration. In January they formed the liquidity pool of the

They have slated the launch of Beta program of the crypto exchange in the coming month. UI improvements and enhancements are also in the development phase. Equities and other financial products integrations are also in the development phases.

They have dedicated themselves to improve the infrastructure of the platform day by day and enhance their features for every product ranging from liquidity pool to crypto exchange.

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