Traxia (TMT) A Blockchain Solution To Disrupt Trade Finance

What is Traxia?

Traxia is a non-profit with designs to organize blockchain technology within the $43 trillion industry that is Financial Technology (FinTech). They’re currently operating the first Cardano-based ICO after Cardano financed in the Traxia ecosystem through their investment team at Emurgo.

The partnership started after Cardano took notice of Traxia’s purpose in the FinTech marketplace. Traxia thinks Cardano is established on a higher system compared to its competitors.

Financial Technology is explained as “a new financial industry that applies technology to improve financial activities” according to Wikipedia. The current technology has been assigned to automating everything like insurance and risk management. However, the antiquated system only enables banks to finance 7% of the entire $43 trillion industry.

The principal financial product the Traxia whitepaper details upgrading are recognized in the financial world as factoring, which is when a business sells an unpaid invoice to a third-party for a discount.

Traxia Company

Traxia is being created by the Traxia Foundation, a non-profit located in Switzerland that manages the financial process of the platform. On the technological aspect of the token, Traxia’s substantive feature is being developed by LiqEase, a Shanghai-based corporation. LiqEase’s CEO is Tobias Pfütze, who founded the company in 2017.

He also works as a board member of the Traxia Foundation. However, it’s logically clear that Pfütze, in his capability as executive leadership of both Traxia and LiqEase, is operating both organizations in a pair along with whatever other unknown staff he has at his disposition.

Traxia (TMT) Token Details

The contribution amounts for purchasing TMT has a minimum and maximum value. The least contribute equally to 10 ETH and maximum pays equal to 1,000 ETH. All payment must come from wallets that provide investors with exclusive keys. It indicates that services such as Binance are conflicting or incompatible with the TMT ICO.

There are 1 billion tokens in total that will be accessible. Individuals who do not want to share using ETH can also do so with Bitcoin investments, or through acquisitions comprising Cardano’s ADA token. It is because the Cardano blockchain will be the inevitable home of Traxia. However, for now, Traxia is being developed using Ethereum as a structure and will transition at a later date.

Users who do not have 10 ETH but yearn to participate are welcome to reproduce investment alliances with others through an Ethereum pooling service identified as PrimaBlock.

The totality of the TMT sale operates until June 2, 2018. Only then will purchased tokens be transferred out to investors.

Token Supply

The project at hardcap will have a marketcap of around $41.4 million (400 million TMT) if no additional tokens are issued at the time. In the current ICO environment, the estimated marketcap is on the high side. The high amount of funding is expected to fund the loan warehouse that Traxia is executing accurately.

The loan warehouse will enable Traxia to purchase accounts receivable and retain them until a buyer repurchases them. In the initial stages of the project, the warehouse will function an essential role in matchmaking and the inhibition of bottlenecks for the ecosystem.

The total token number is 1 billion TMT.


Traxia is one of the several projects that has stated a date for their token to issue on exchanges. TMT is scheduled to be listed on exchanges starting June such as the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange market.

Social and Trend

Traxia TMT Telegram group has 1100+ members and exhibits that this project is in the early stages of marketing. The Telegram is increasing in activity, and team members including the CEO Tobias and CMO Bruno both appear to answer questions.

This crowdsale is not extremely hyped at this time, but it is assumed to increase as the token sale creates momentum. It is the first project to build on Cardano and is supported by Emurgo, both of which should improve to increase interest.

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