Trinity Network Credit Token (TNC)

What is Trinity Network Credit Token (TNC)?

The Trinity Network Credit Token is the local money of the Trinity Network, which portrays its
convention as a method for “ongoing installments, low exchange expenses, versatility, and
security assurance for NEO resources.” The convention is intended to supplement NEO, not
contend with it, taking into account NEO Enhancement Proposals tokens (NEP-5) to be used.

All in all, the Trinity group plans to take care of the primary issue of blockchain versatility.
Gigantic expenses combined with long affirmation times make mass selection of NEO
improbable right now.

That is the place the Trinity Network comes in. Utilizing off-tie exchanges to tackle the
adaptability issues confronting NEO, Trinity will convey continuous installments with low
exchange charges paying little heed to the quantity of exchanges being prepared in the system.

How Trinity Scalable NEO Blockchain Tech Works

Trinity is a state channel arrange based on – and for – the NEO blockchain. A state channel
arrange resembles an optional convention comprising of endless private installment channels,
with those channels eventually settling exchanges on the blockchain.

In layman’s terms, state diverts and off-chain scaling plans lead exchanges off the blockchain.
The blockchain has certain specialized confinements – like a specific number of exchanges
accessible every second. By taking exchange preparing off the blockchain, state channels
encourage “scale” the system, permitting the blockchain to process more exchanges in a
shorter timeframe. The exchanges are eventually added to the blockchain later on.

The stage has its own advanced token called TNC, which is a standard NEP-5 token. NEP-5 is like
the ERC20 token on Ethereum.

TNC tokens are utility tokens. They “transport” NEO-based resources starting with one
associate then onto the next as charges and stores. TNC tokens are likewise utilized as a
commitment remunerate for the Trinity organize, for esteem included administrations the
Trinity arrange (like association situated channel steering and thin customer portal
administrations), organize benefit expenses and endeavor customization benefit charges.

Eventually, Trinity is to NEO what Raiden is to Ethereum. In light of every single early report, the
stage fills in as promoted to scale NEO. What’s more, much the same as Raiden isn’t being
created by the center Ethereum group, Trinity isn’t being produced by the center NEO group.
They’re separate undertakings.

Who’s Behind Trinity?

Trinity was established by David Yiling Li (Founder). Other key individuals from the group
incorporate Guangfeng Zhang (Co-Founder) and Fengping Yi (Co-Founder). David is the previous
Antshares (NEO) abroad chief who drove the Antshares worldwide token deal crusade in 2016.

Where Can You Buy TNC?

You can buy TNC on trade destinations, for example, Kucoin, Bibox, and

Furthermore, I trust they would be soon recorded on Binance on account of the Chinese Smart

Where Can You Store TNC?

Given that TNC is a NEP-5 token, you can store it on equipment wallets that help the NEO
blockchain, for example, Trezor or Ledger Nano S. You can likewise store it on or
download the NEON wallet to utilize.


The Trinity Network Credit is characterized as an exceptionally foreseen blockchain center
framework venture, with the objective to scale the NEO stage ability to help huge
appropriation. It is intriguing to take note of the absence of updates that could possibly draw
speculators, nonetheless, the undertaking in itself appears like a long haul hold as opposed to
simply one more pump-and-dump conspire.

Trinity is an off-chain scaling answer for the NEO blockchain. NEO has been known as the
“Ethereum of China.” Today, the Trinity group – which incorporates previous NEO workers –
feels the system needs a superior scaling arrangement. Their Trinity stage can be utilized to
rapidly and inexpensively send NEP-5 tokens (NEP-5 tokens are NEO’s likeness ERC20 tokens).


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