Tron Establishing A Truly Decentralized Internet And Its Infrastructure.

Traditional social media sites like facebook monetize user data in a lot of ways possible. They do it without the consent of the users reaping the benefit so that they can fill their wallets. Well, Tron is the answer to that problem. Tron is a centralized content sharing platform which uses blockchain as well as peer to peer technology. When a user utilizes Tron, blockchain technology ensures that you arebl in control of your data and you will be compensated for it. It can be considered a new generation of social media where you can create and share any content all around the world. Tronix with ticker symbol TRX is the basic units of account in the TRON network. TRX is what TRON use to pay for users’ content.



Tron has Justin Sun at its Chief Executive Offices. Justin is also considered the protégé of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. He is also the established Peiwo app which has about 10 million users and even the leaders in online audio content sharing community. Lucien Chen is the CTO of TRON who is a well-experienced professional in many another tier one companies. Beyond the team, many gurus in the crypto world think that TRX is the next best thing and it will succeed.


TronTron’s workspace allows people to create, publish and share content by creating a decentralized platform for such purpose. Tron is a long-term project that spans from 2017 to 2023. It starts with the first phase called the EXODUS in 2017 and ends with the last stage called the ETERNITY in the year 2025.some of the crucial phases are as follows.

EXODUS (2017): the creation of a free P2P platform for content creation sharing and content storage.

ODYSSEY (2019): encouragement is done for more content creation and economic incentives put into place for overall empowerment.

GREAT VOYAGE (MID 2020): focus on individual initial coin offering capabilities.

APOLLO (MID 2021): ability is given for content creators to issue TRON 20 tokens.

STAR TREK(MID 2023): creating decentralized gaming platforms.

ETERNITY (2025): Eternity, the final stage envisions the ability to enhance fundraising and monetizing community growth.


Trx is the cryptocurrency used by Tron. Trx can be bought in exchanges for other cryptocurrencies. At present, buying Tron with currency is not an option. It is not yet open. It can then be stored in wallets that support Etherium blockchain.

For the different contents that come up in Tron, Tronix can be used as a currency to access the content the buyer wants. Then the currency will be transferred to the content creator’s wallets where they can use it.


tron trxThe case of Tron is pretty interesting as it is in its evolving stages and is slowly drifting towards catering to the needs of the entertainment industry worldwide. Interesting enough, the Tron team and Justin is now backed up by very influential as well as wealthy Chinese business populace. With the kind of research and development team they possess, then doesn’t have to sweat a lot to accomplish great deeds in the cryptocurrency world.

With the kind of visionaries that is at the helm of TRON and the kind of ironclad support and plush funding from the investors, the future is looking good for the fellows at Tron.


With the long-term vision and future-ready mindset that the people at Tron possess, and the increasing popularity of digital content among the next generation where Tron promises low-cost content making, seemingly unlimited funding from strong Chinese investors, makes Tron one hell of a combination and a force to be reckoned with.

In the latter half of 2017, many senior developers from Jack Ma’s Alibaba joined Tron’s research and development team. Rumors are that a partnership deal between Tron and Alibaba is in the making. It will be exciting to see the deal if it happens. Future surely looks bright for Tron and TRX.

If the project hits all of its objectives, it could become a giant in the market, but as of now, there are many questions to be answered before considering a serious investment of Tron.

Tron is a very high priced project in today’s market and has some unique futuristic goals that they set for themselves.

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