UChain Blockchain For The Global Sharing Economy

What is UChain?

UChain is a blockchain based platform that facilitates the development of decentralized apps or Dapps. UChain utilizes a sharing based economy and is widely considered by many as the first public infrastructure blockchain. UChain’s goal is to build its primary Blockchain network to present itself as a solution to the current problem of trust problem and data abuse. The company has been working well to tackle these problems day and night through the execution of peer to peer network. The API and SDK have enabled all sharing economy enterprises to issue their respective places. This also allows them to build their decentralized applications on top of the UChain network. This is what makes UChain one of the best decentralized autonomous sharing ecosystems. The main aim of creating a decentralized ecosystem is that it will make every merchant as well as users equally powerful and empowered. The UChain’s UCN token will be used as the medium of exchange in the UChain ecosystem. This will also help them in supporting the development of URC-1 standard tokens that enable subsidiary sharing economies.

UChain will join forces with companies like U-Bicycle, the market leader and world’s biggest company specializing in shared travel. It will also be the parent company to many eastern companies like U-Car, U-Park, Grab-cycle, X-Bike, etc. Every technology that has been implemented by UChain will also be applied to all the U bicycle entities under it immediately.

UChain will also act as a foundation with the name U.C.Foundation which will be a similar business model to the NEO investment fund and Bitcoin fund, working on standardizing, promoting and protecting.


UChain team

UChain has Ian Yu at the helm as the founder. He worked as the film business general manager at Dianpeng, which is China’s largest electronic commerce firm. Grace Min is another founder of UChain. She is the Chief Executive Officer of U bicycle, a shared travel startup based in North America. SG International Travel LTD and Dozenfresh Internation Trading are startup ventures which have Grace Min as one of their founders. Will Zhou is the chief technical officer at UChain. Senior development engineer and system architect at Dianping, which is the most massive e-commerce in China. Chris Tao is the Chief Strategy Officer. He was the Senior Enterprise Strategist, and Business Intelligence Tech Lead at Microsoft. Beny Lao is the chief product officer. Raviv Litman is the operational director.


UChain token

UCN is the primary medium of exchange in the UChain ecosystem. Out of the total tokens issued, forty percent will be given towards the token sale. Thirty-five percent is allocated for the UChain ecosystem development. Fifteen percent is for the team of developers and the core team. From the total, a ten percent is kept as a company reserve.


UChain partners
The major organizational partners of UChain one of its main advantages whit it has over other organizations. Alipay is a third-party online as well as mobile payment platform that is headquartered in Hangzhou; China. Grab is another partner of UChain. China Unicom is another partner. It is a Chinese government-owned telecom operator. Another major partner is Dianping. Most of the core team of UChain has previously worked in Dianpeng. Another is the WBO usually known as the World Blockchain Organisation. Translink is the next major organizational partner. Translink is the Metro Vancouver’s transportation network. The major institutional partners of UChain include Ledger Capital, Badwater Capital, Chuxin, Black Hole, Max Capital, V-Capital, Empower Investment, Zhonglu Capital, Light-up Capital, alacrity foundation


UChain unlike any other project is very much unique and is a bsreath of fresh air in the Blockchain industry. UChain is so unique because it develops its blockchain and wallet. It empowers its users to build their decentralized applications. The UChain Origin Protocol is what provides, protocols enabling both customers and vendors to create their decentralized marketplaces on the blockchain. These are all major plus points for UChain. UChain has a highly talented team with the necessary skill set necessary for developing its project, especially; the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. With this kind of team and advisors, and also being well funded, UChain has everything going for them, and they seem to have a bright future.

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