Ulord A Value Transfer Network Based On Blockchain Technology

What is Ulord´╝č

Ulord is a project focusing as a peer-to-peer value transfer public blockchain. By building its blockchain underlying architecture and digital resource distribution protocols, it allows third-party developers to explore their own applications over open-source agreements to create a full ecology of blockchain technology and applications. Based on several rules and protocols designed by Ulord, it loads various types of digital resource application scenarios including text, pictures, music, video, and software, giving a direct docking platform for information creators and consumers.

This platform is decentralized content distribution platform which can provide content repo, distribution, and searchability. Ulord platform makes enterprise development content distribution more efficient. The platform has:

  • decentralize content storage service (UDFS)
  • content transaction service
  • content search service
  • content copyright detected service

Ulord Architecture

ulord architecture


The modular design of loose coupling is adapted for Ulord in overall design, which supports more developers to participate in the development of the entire ecosystem. Through the web interface, desktop application and mobile APP and other forms of presentation, the application layer publisher can more efficiently build site and publish Internet content distribution service of his own.

The architecture which is composed of Ulord platform and Ulord original chain. Ulord is the P2P data service, including data transmission, data distribution, data storage, data index, accounting model, communication model, Gas model and payment system. The original chain of Ulord is blockchain infrastructure, providing accounting, domain name, the master node and other services, to ensure that the entire backbone of the network is stable and orderly.


Ulord Platform

The platform layer is the middle layer of the system and operates a role as a bridge between the application layer and the base layer. The platform layer is categorized as a support component and a functional component according to function. The support component gives functional components with a basic function supporting. The platform layer is connected to the blockchain of base layer through the functional components, providing the application layer with content distribution, sharing and payment service based on the blockchain.

ulord platform

UlordToken Allocation

UlordToken is Ulord platform cryptocurrency, referred to as UT, with a total issue of 1 billion, and its distribution will not be increased or damaged. UlordToken is utilized as a payment in Ulord, as the currency in Ulord ecosystem. A fair allocation of UlordToken is helpful to promote the healthy development of Ulord ecosystem. The distribution mechanism is as follows:

Team and early investors: 20%, for all the team Ulord members and early investors contribution awards. 10% of them are pre-mining for R & D investment of the previous stage of the project; the remaining 10% has a lock period of 48 months to ensure that the project can advance;

Community developers: 10%, for promoting the development of community ecology, and helping developers to carry out meaningful development plans. The lock period will not be temporarily set. The reward depends on code review and quality assessment of the development task as well as task process according to community vote;

PoW: 35%, to motivate the miners to provide more CPU power billing.

PoS: 25%, to reward master node, and also encourage more users to provide storage space for storing Ulord platform data.

Community operations and product promotion: 10%, to make the project in the market as soon as possible, 10% of the budget will be used as an early promotion fee. Ulord will try a new model of community autonomy, and community volunteers determine all the expense.

How To Obtain UlordToken

There are five ways to get UlordToken:

(1) CPU computing resources involved in accounting;
(2) Server nodes participate in network infrastructure construction;
(3) Community promotion and code contribution;
(4) Publish original internet content;
(5) Spread valuable internet content.

Among the above, the first three ways are to get UlordToken in “production” and the last two ways to get UlordToken in “circulation.” UlordToken assets will be recorded on Ulord’s wallet. Owning UlordToken means joining the Ulord community, where members and users work together to promote its ecological value.

Core Technology Team

Ulord team brings collectively a large number of high-level R & D personnel driven by more than 10 PhDs, with comprehensive blockchain technology application development capacities. More than 50 world-class programmers and algorithm engineers in the technology development team have backgrounds in areas such as blockchain, cryptography, Internet information security, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, finance, and management. There are senior scientists in cryptography and blockchain and specialized blockchain project investors. Also, Ulord team also maintains close cooperation with research institutes such as Windsor University in Canada, Manchester University in the UK, Wuhan University, Beihang University and Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly advance key technologies in Ulord platform.

Dam Woods CEO, Ph.D., over the past decade he has been committed to research and development of cloud computing and has a rich experience in leading a technical team to explore major projects. He once served as a director of a huge cloud computing center and has unique insights in the blockchain industry.

Kwuaint Li CTO, Ph.D., a reliable Chinese programmer. He once worked in Nortel Networks as SME and devotes himself to researching and promoting blockchain technology. Under the control of blockchain technical risks, he dreames he would bring the technology dividend to the public.

Cyber Kuber CMO, Ph.D., one of the earliest investors in blockchain and masters blockchain technology and operation. He thinks blockchain will lead people to develop more sophisticated society and Ulord will show its true value in this process.


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