ULSee Revolutionizing The Interaction Between Humans And Computers

There are several challenges that AI-based e-commerce community faces is the inadequacy of data to advance neural network models via in-depth training, whether it be to resolve computer vision difficulties or try natural language recognition tests. While such huge businesses have access to some of the most extensive information sets in the world, small business, institutions, and individuals just do not, ULSee will alter this imbalance.

In its democratized program for data exchange, sources can be identified, indexed, curated, and conclusively crowdsourced and exchanged via ULSee Tokens (UCNS). In ULSee’s projected ecosystem, they purpose to go exceeding the present identification and security system. They have developed a fully decentralized ecosystem for a Facial ID service. Users can provide their face data to the AI database and also the shopping data in trade for rewards. Providing these data points also has added benefits for e-commerce.

The system will enable consumers to securely store their private data in the blockchain including payment information, shopping records, the body structures, even medical and insurance accounts, etc. All data will be encrypted and desensitized.

ULSee’s Technological Goals

ULSee is developed in various well-proven technologies, such as the blockchain, distributed consensus, and proof of contribution. Additionally, there are some unique features and purposes ULSee will approach:

• A facial-ID (U-ID) for ULSee users. U-ID provides access to ULSee’s facial wallet(U-Wallet), which is the access point to transaction platforms and all sets of personal data.
• A database that needs zero-knowledge proof and enables users to upload personal data without troubling data leakage. Third parties have no access to user’s data unless being authorized.
• A digital magic mirror that is designed primarily for the fashion industry (e.g., clothing, cosmetics), allowing users to have a clear look of what he/she is purchasing or what our AI system suggest him/her based on the shopping preference.

Platform Architecture

ULsee’s system, architecture has four major players:

Consumers can build a private token wallet opened by the facial recognition technology to save their UCNS tokens. The UCNS token will be given to users as a bonus for enabling the contribution of their face data to ULSee database and shopping data to the Merchants. The token will be accepted as currency by merchants within the ecosystem (e.g., Retail purchases, utilities, e-commerce, etc.).

Merchants can profit from various applications based on the ULSee database. Being a part of the ecosystem enables
merchants to have access to the universal database of consumer preferences based on shopping history
without asking personal information from the customer.

Validators exist to assist in validating commercial/shopping transactions on the blockchain and maintain the end
user’s private data in the process. By following this role in the transaction process, the validators are compensated
with UCNS which they can use the same way as consumers.

The ULSee team will act as the core development team creating vision based AI products that produce value for the ecosystem.

Privacy – Protection of Personal and Private Data
Today, a key concern of participants in any distributed and shared data platform is privacy – ever user desires vigorous and verifiable protection for all of their data. ULSee guarantees this for all users via a three-tier scheme rooted in well-established and trusted security techniques.

Easy-to-access, Distributed Flow of New Commerce Platform
For the ULSee commerce network and ecosystem to operate, large amounts of user data need to be easily accessed by merchants through practical and cost-effective means.

Strong and Innovative Neural Vison Framework
The ULSee team own dozens of US-certified patents in neural vision and related fields. Based on this patented technology, ULSee team will research and develop solutions.

Incentives and Rewards
The usage of ULSee’s platform, or any platform for that matter, must consistently provide rewards and benefits to its users.

Token Economy

ULSee, in addition to generally contributing for a set of global marketplaces to foster the e-commerce platforms and to provide real value and convenience for consumers, also lends its highly distributed framework to a series of popular and robust applications. An initial collection is described here in the areas of retailing, transactions, etc. Many others are sure to follow.

UCNS Distribution

UCNS tokens are made available particularly for purchase with Ether (ETH). Potential buyers are advised to acquire sufficient ETH in the advancement of the sale. The token sale will employ Know Your Customer (KYC) controls with a unique technical mechanism to tie specific purchases to KYC data points including, but not limited to Country of Origin, email address, full name, IP address and acceptance of the terms in the Token Sale Agreement.

Caps / Limits No new tokens will be created after the close of the token sale period. The total number of UCNS tokens will be defined during the token sale. The highest number of tokens is capped. This cap is based on the maximum funding USD cap, the value of UCNS (in ETH) and the current ETH to USD exchange rate.

ULsee Core Team

ULsee Team

Roadmap Plan

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