Wemark: The blockchain-based marketplace for digital content

What is Wemark (WMK)?

Wemark (WMK) is a blockchain – based technology marketplace specifically focuses on the rights and revenue of digital content contribution – photos – it allows all types of photographers (from freelance to professional ones) to keep all the copyright to their contents and license it directly to clients.

This cryptocurrency platform aims to eradicate the need for stock photo agencies (such as Getty Images) and greedy intermediaries that take up the credit and get up to 85% of their potential revenue. With WMK, users can have real-time peer-to-peer transactions between creators and consumers – ensured with security, authenticity, and transparency.

With the Wemark (WMK) platform, creators and content owners can directly license their content to clients via the blockchain. Because of this, they can benefit more on the potential revenue, while clients can get high – quality photos at a much affordable price range.

Fun fact: Did you know that Wemark (WMK) is the first (also one and only) cryptocurrency platform which is a concern to the digital content sector? With that being said, WMK is growing crypto – community of leading independent professional and freelance photographers and content creators.

The Special Features of Wemark (WMK)


The Wemark (WMK) core team aims to put a stop to the highly – centralized content agencies that remove the rights of the original content creators of images. Having said that, Wemark brings you the special features below that will give back the rights and revenue to the respective owners:

  • Direct licensing – creators and owners can directly license their content to clients for legal use (no agency and middleman involved), this special feature protects your copyrights to the said content while maintaining an affordable price and getting 100% of the revenue for each sale.
  • Immutable distribution terms – this special feature promotes mutually agreed terms which are registered on the blockchain which is immutable.
  • Immutable distribution agreement – this agreement enables content creators and owners to work together with marketplaces that will benefit both parties. The agreement comes with the price for the content licensure, the licensing terms to be issued to the user/s, distribution fee/s to be salaried to Wemark, and the referral’s percentage for their succeeding sales. This agreement is digitally signed, and then the contract’s terms are organized on the public blockchain ledger which is immutable (the only way to revert the agreement’s terms is to get consent on all the related parties).
  • Smart agreement – this agreement is based on the Ethereum (ETH) smart contracts which allow you to receive payments, issue licenses directly, and automatically distribute revenues.
  • Automated payments distribution – basically, Wemark’s blockchain technology serves as the middleman and/or agency which automatically manages and distributes payment with complete transparency. Contributors who put content licensure earn money according to a series of pre – set rules which are not controlled by the platform. Blockchain technology – based smart contracts automatically distribute payments to the respective parties under the immutable terms.
  • Referral rewards program – be rewarded by successfully inviting fellow content creators to use Wemark (WMK); plus promoting original content on the platform.

What is the Potential Price of Wemark (WMK) Token?


wemark token

Wemark (WMK) introduces the cryptocurrency industry to a token that powers up a direct economy for digital content (images as of now). The WMK token serves as the native payment system and acts as the internal currency of the network.

With that being said, we have provided the tables below regarding the potential price of WMK tokens:

WMK Token InformationDetails
Token CodeWMK
Token TypeERC – 20
Price in ICO$0.2 USD
Available Tokens for Sale51,300,000 WMK
Available Token Percentage for Sale38%
Total Tokens Supply135,000,000 WMK
Limited Token SupplyYes


WMK Token Investment InformationDetails
Soft Capitalization (2% of the Total Supply)$1,500,000 USD
Hard Capitalization (5% of the Total Supply)$8,000,000 USD
Investor Supply51,000,000 WMK
Token Generated Event (TGE) Pre – SaleMay 7, 2018 – July 23, 2018
Token Generated Event (TGE) Public SaleJuly 24, 2018 – August 7, 2018
AcceptingEthereum (ETH)
BurningYes (all unsolved WMK tokens will be burned)
Restricted CountriesNone


WMK Token Supply DistributionPercentage
Token Sale*38%
Reserved for Community Rewards and Economy Scaling37.5%
Advisors and Partnerships12%
Founding Team and Employees11%
Bounty Program1.5%

List of Wemark (WMK) Trading Exchange Sites

For the time being, no legitimate trading exchange site that honors the WMK cryptocurrency is known or provided.

Wemark (WMK) ICO Profile Information

The ICO abbreviation stands for “Initial Currency Offering” or “Initial Coin Offering.” Initial Coin Offering refers to an individual who offers potential investors some units of a new cryptocurrency platform or new crypto – token in exchange of legal tender or other cryptocurrencies.

This unregulated way of crowdfunding is used for the development of new cryptocurrency endeavors. An ICO is typically used as a source of capital by company startups to avoid the demanding procedures required by financial institutions such as banks.

The table below indicates the complete ICO profile information of Wemark (WMK):

CategoryMarketplace, Music and Arts
First AnnouncedApril 7, 2018
ICO Start DateJuly 24, 2018
ICO End DateAugust 7, 2018
Know your Customer (KYC)Required
Bounty ProgramNone


Start/End Date1/1


Number of Members2/2
LinkedIn Profiles1/1
Members’ Roles1/1




Alexa Rank482,895 th
Telegram10,580 participants
Twitter7,625 followers
Promotional Video161,945 views
Reddit41 subscribers

The Team behind Wemark (WMK)

Wemark (WMK) was officially found in 2015; it has physical headquarters located in San Francisco, USA; it also has a physical Research and Development (R&D) office in Tel Aviv, Israel. The cryptocurrency platform is also backed up with leading global investors and renowned advisors.

Without further ado, here are the key people behind the cryptocurrency platform of the digital content sector:


wemark founders

  • Tai Kaish – co – founder and also works as the chief executive officer (CEO); Kaish has a decade of digital marketing and growth hacking experience in Israel’s top organizations, brands, and even for business startups. Kaish is also a guest lecturer and mentor for Marketing and Entrepreneurship in several academies and international schools.
  • Pavel Elkind – co – founder and also works as the chief technology officer; Elkind has more than a decade of software engineering and management experience. Elkind holds a degree in Computer Sciences at the Open University of Israel.
  • Roy Meirom – co – founder and also works as the vice president of business development; Meirom is also a successful entrepreneur who is highly experienced in strategic partnership building and business development. Meirom holds Honors LLB degree in Law, a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and an IB Diploma in The American International School of Zagreb, Croatia.

Core team

  • Tomer Gabbai – works as a lead frontend founding engineer
  • Barak Simon – works as a lead backend senior software engineer
  • Ohad Peled – works as a lead UX and UI designer
  • Shenhav Yehuda – works as a marketing director
  • Adam Wolski – works as a full – stack software developer
  • Chen Feldman – works as a full – stack software developer
  • Or Twig – works as a cryptocurrency marketing specialist
  • Sophia Danziger – a marketing intern

Board of advisors and angel investors

  • Lars Perkins – former founder and CEO of Picasa
  • Keren Sachs – former director and content development at Shutterstock
  • Michael C. Lesser – former vice president and general counsel at Shutterstock
  • Miguel Forbes – co – founder of Forbes.com
  • Lee Torens – marketplace director at Canva
  • Gilon Miller – co – founder and CEO of Gurushots
  • James Currier – angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and world expert in network effects and growth
  • Gigi Levy – one of Israel’s most nominated angel investor
  • Ram Avissar – strategy advisor for blockchain – based projects
  • James Waugh – ICO and TGE advisor; founder of Blueblock
  • Yan Pritzker – advisor and founder of Onchain Ventures
  • Amir Feder – token economics advisor
  • Philippe Bouaziz – advisor and investor; founder of Prodware and chairman at Sarona Ventures
  • Ran Oz – serial entrepreneur and co – founder of Wochit Inc. and EquityX
  • Dr. Raphael Yahalom – blockchain and cybersecurity researcher
  • Lior Prosor – investor in several Israeli startups and managing partner at Elevator Fund
  • Ari Shpanya – founder at Slice RE, Zent, imOnline, and Wiser Solutions Inc.
  • Dr. Dov Greenbaum – blockchain regulations and ethics researcher

The Wemark (WMK) Road Plan


The Wemark (WMK) core team makes the most of the blockchain technology ecosystem to eradicate large photo content agencies and give the full credits to where it is due. With that being said, here is a glimpse of the accomplished milestones of the content creator – friendly platform:

May 2017

  • Wemark has officially took part in the S17 NFX class and took 3 months of acceleration program that focuses on market and network effects in California.
  • Raised and completed a pre – seed fundraising round of $1 million from leading stage venture capitalists in Israel and USA
  • The WMK core team has officially joined the NFX accelerator program – a $150 million worth of fund that focuses in market and network effects.

September 2017

  • Official launch of the creator waiting list for pioneering contributors. This milestone has attracted more than 1,000 photographers from across the globe to sign up on Wemark (WMK).

January 2018

  • Official launch of Wemark’s first product – photographers can now create their own profile, verify identity, upload their images, and submit to the blockchain for review . This milestone has attracted thousands of photographers who have submitted more than 20,000 images.

February 2018

  • Official announcement of Wemark’s first board of advisors: Lars Perkins, Lee Torrens, and Keren Sachs.
  • Official release of Wemark’s whitepaper
  • Crowdsale information officially published on the website

March 2018

  • Official announcement of exclusively strategic partnership with the world’s biggest content providers in stock photography.

April 2018

  • Wemark has officially launched a new token generated event (TGE) website.

May 2018

  • The TGE public sale of WMK tokens has officially begun on May 7, 2018.

June 2018

  • Wemark.com officially goes live. The site is a full-force marketplace which includes safe transactions, licensing, and payment distribution.
  • WMK alpha version

The Wemark (WMK) Project

The Wemark (WMK) core team promises to continue to invest its funds on Research and Development (R&D), marketing and business development aiming for a thriving marketplace and ecosystem. Wemark seeks to establish a global network which enables the distributed exchange of different types of digital content, getting rid of greedy intermediaries and agencies, and creating a low-cost and transparent way to transact to the official content creator directly.

Here are the upcoming projects of WMK for the coming years ahead:

Q2 2018

  • To release the beta version of WMK. This includes a fully-functional marketplace, newly improved UX, a wide array of curated images (all ready for direct licensing from creators), and large-scale marketing campaign for new clients.

Q3 2018

  • To launch “Wemark (WMK) Pioneers” – an early clients’ program exclusively for photojournalists and graphic designers from top advertising and design firms, in-house design studios, and notable publications. Members will receive perks, complete onboarding process guide, and tons of WMK tokens.

Q4 2018

  • To add more payment methods including wire transfer, credit card, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), etc.

Q1 2019

  • To support new, different types of digital content such as videos, vectors, illustrations, 3D models, games, and even stock music.

To conclude, Wemark (WMK) has done an excellent job in transforming the digital content sector (photography for the time being). The core team successfully identified the issues with the current highly – centralized approach to the contribution of digital content. As a result, this new cryptocurrency platform has addressed and gradually puts a stop to the dirty thriving business of greedy photo agencies and intermediaries who abuses the talents/skills of professional photographers and content creators.

Wemark (WMK) successfully moves the digital content (photos) marketplace to the decentralized world of blockchain and cryptocurrency which has benefited both the creator and the consumer.

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