WePower (WPR): An Energy Trading Platform Fueled By Blockchain Technology

WePower helps alternative energy makers to increase funds by giving their very own tokens. These types of tokens symbolize energy that they dedicate to create and provide. The tokenization of energy presents simpler and unwraps current global energy investment environment. As an outcome, energy suppliers can deal directly using the eco-friendly energy purchasers, the investors, and consumers, and eventually boost capital through marketing energy in advance which has lower rates compared in general markets. Energy tokenization guarantees assets and expands entry to investment capital.

A Green Energy Blockchain Platform

WePower allows energy tokenization to improve the funds’ access and financing pattern. Tokenized energy connotes an acquiring system which involves energy manufacturer and energy consumer. The system arrives at the marketplace in a very crucial period. Because of the drop in the financial matter and elevated renewable power growth competing at market cost, most banking institutions began raising demand for own investment capital. It reduces economic debt to funds ratio. It shifted from 80:20 ratios to 50:50 proportions for green energy plans. Those equity funds started to become a limited provider of finances.

This energy tokenization along with a platform constructed on amenable database system begins the natural energy marketplace to widen the group of investors. Innovative energy projects inside the platform will not rely on local traders only. The liquidity of assets enables more beneficial capital to debt proportions without the need for government financial assistance. The investment procedure using WePower will surely lessen financing expenses for both consumers and investors.

WePower Token

The WPR token is a kind of energy token that gives priority entry to energy donation and facility project regarding sustainable energy auctions inside the WePower system. WPR is now trading in exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Liqui, Forkdelta, Idex, and in Coinfalcon. Just recently, WePower won the first place in voting poll with more than 100,000 votes held by KuCoin and so, will be listed anytime soon.

The Team

WePower’s workforce is a team of enthusiastic people who have multiple years of experience in the electronic transformation areas, finance and of course in energy aspects. WePower believes that with proper execution of technologies and system design can help resolve the most demanding difficulties in the world.

Energy specialists like Heikki Kolk, Kristjan Kuhi, Kaspar Kaarlep and Nick Martyniuk directed the whole team of WePower. They guide a total of twelve groups of remarkably skilled energy designers and previous programmers of Skype. This group of engineers has formerly worked on smart metering execution in Estonia which head in the rollout of smart lines in the entire world. The development of WePower blockchain is driven by Jon Matonis who is the founding associate of the foundation of Bitcoin. Eyal Hertzog who is the main product designer of Bancor Process helped in the arrangement of a token economy. All matters concerning software is assisted by David Allen Cohen, the head of smart power grid.

Updates and Announcements

WePower got listed on KuCoin today, May 7, 2017. This partnership aims to make WePower one of the most successful blockchain currencies today.

WePower closed its first ever successful bounty program and started the newest/second program for this. The later will surely reward all users with much more tokens. It is created to cascade all information concerning the company’s ideals, objectives, and improvement. Everyone is encouraged to get connected to the program in at least one or various promotions of their preferred program. Participants will be rewarded by WePower depending on chosen campaign’s activities or rules. The 1.5% of the total gained tokens is allotted to the said program but should not be more than 525,000 USD worth of WPR tokens. The program will work only until the Token Sale ends and bounties should be settled in thirty days after the end of the Token Sale.

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