Zebi, Blockchaining India’s Big Data

What Zebi Offers

Zebi offers a blockchain based solution that uses India’s big data and high-value sensitive data. India is the emerging market for the data and new to cryptocurrency. Zebi leverages that data provides a solution. Zebi’s solution is simple it provides users with a secure and reliable network that is flexible for the utilization of the public blockchain. Zebi is based on ERC20 tokens, so it uses smart contracts and digital signatures to enable the transaction of data without any monitoring. It has instant and transparent data access using the newly developed DaaS API.

Zebi is based in Visakhapatnam India. And it is founded by Babu Mangala and Sudheer Kuppam. Babu Mangala is the CEO of Zebi India Pvt. Ltd. Zebi has a core team of 12 members and has as many as 14 advisors on board. Zebi team is very experienced, and many of them have worked in the Silicon Valley for around 10-12 years. Some of them have blockchain development experience prior to joining the Zebi team.

It is a great way to bring peoples to paperless transactions to maximize the automation of the transfer with the data democracy where every existing node on the blockchain will consent every request. It can be used to bring all the data of a particular system online such as Education records, health records, utility records, and property records, etc.

Zebi provides data solutions for high-value data such as land registry records, and education records. To overcome the problems of data leaks Zebi built a platform to allow data owners a safe place to hold their data. There are two main components in the Zebi ecosystem which are interconnected and works in tandem to provide safety and efficiency to data owners. Data exchange happen between data providers and data requestors to validate the data and the individual whose data is processed in between.

Zebi Components

The ecosystem of Zebi network has two main components that are interconnected.

Zebi Chain – it is a light application that is to be installed on the data providers servers like education hubs and enterprises. It can be installed very quickly. Its blockchain is easily configurable, and it can also integrate with Ethereum blockchain seamlessly. Zebi chain also has some great features like a digital signature for every time data is stored or changed. It will keep the records safe from the hacks from the outside world.

Zebi Data Gateway – it will work the Zebi chain installations on the servers. It allows data requestors and data providers to meet at a common place and enable hassle-free data exchange between both parties. This data exchange is possible by DaaS API. Zebi data gateway will allow users to use complete paperless transaction and electronic transactions are not a thing of the past.

By using this Zebi will change the future of many industries including banks, government organizations, and enterprises that deal with the high value and sensitive data.

Zebi ICO Review

Zebi uses the Utility token ZCO that was first introduced during their ICO. Zebi ICO price was set at $0.033USD per ZCO at the time of crowd sale. Total of 1 billion ZCO token was created and 30% was for the ICO.

Zebi ICO information

Token ZCO

Token platform ERC20


Zebi ICO price $0.033 USD per ZCO

Hard cap $10 million USD

Token available for sale 300 million

It is the basic information about the Zebi ICO. Tokens were distributed in a certain way as listed below.

Zebi ICO token Distribution

  • 30% token was available for sale
  • 50% tokens were for company reserve
  • 15% were for the distribution in the ecosystem
  • 5% tokens were reserved for the cost

It was their token distribution plan for the initial sale of Zebi ICO. Market cap of 2 million dollars was achieved during the presale of the tokens and rest 8 million USD was achieved during their crowd sale. They only aimed to 10 million in the hard cap which worked in their favor as many individuals consider this as an advantage that the team of Zebi is not after the money, but they are focusing on building a better blockchain platform.

The Exchange That Allows Trading Zebi

Zebi is a new entrant in the cryptocurrency market, and many exchanges allow trading of Zebi token ZCO. Zebi is trading on these below-listed exchanges.

List of Zebi trading Exchanges

These are the main exchanges that allow trading Zebi you need to sign up for these exchanges to start trading. Do a bit of research yourself before start trading Zebi on any of these exchanges every exchange some other advantage so pick that which suits you.

Zebi Price

Zebi trading price is USD 0.11 and its trading volume for last 24 hours is $1 million. Which is good for a new cryptocurrency? Current circulating supply of tokens is around at 461 million out of total 500 million tokens. It has gained approximately 1% in the last 24 hours which is a good sign for the Zebi community.

Zebi has a market cap of $51 million and, it is improving in the last 24 hours. ZCO promises a good return on the investment as its project is quite fascinating from all aspects.


Zebi is a promising project that allows users to protect their data and prevent data piracy or data hacks. Its blockchain solution is based on the Zebi chain which is proprietary software that powers Zebi platform. The overall project has much potential than it has been achieved till now. They have planned many updates to their software over the coming year which promises a great deal of security and transparency in the blockchain. Their social profiles are regularly updated which you can check with above links. Overall Zebi can be seen as a potential investment opportunity for many crypto investors.

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