ZINC A Decentralized Hiring Network And Work Identity Proof

A decade ago, references provided by an ex-colleague were the most reliable way to validate a worker’s’ competencies and the greatest pointer of their long-term achievement. Today, however, references have lost their importance in the eyes of recruiters, employers and even workers themselves.

The issue is not a decline in business but one of trust that became a reason why hiring is in crisis. The balance between recruiters and workers is skewed, in support of the paying entities (recruiters), particularly on popular centralized recruitment platforms.

Another circumstance influencing trust is the lack of provable data on which to base critical hiring conclusions. In part, this is controlled by people’s unwillingness to share data without an incentive, the effect of years of recruiter spam and abuse of personal data.

ZINC Centralization and Solution

ZINC is a solution that provides users protection and ownership of their data. Implementing an ecosystem in which career data can be relied upon, and rewards can be given to the fair party which is the worker. By utilizing a regulated reference method to accumulate skills data, ZINC can guarantee that the information is more credible than the current solutions available.

Its vision is an ecosystem in which workers can simply own, control and monetize their certified skills and experience data. ZINC will be a decentralized careers network, producing references and validated skills into a CV. For this solution, workers can own their work history and skills data, and monetize it by CVTokens. ZINC a unique solution to the dilemmas in contracting will be the structure for an anonymous, tokenized careers.

Data Abuse Solution Trust Mediation

ZINC have advanced an ecosystem in which users can accumulate their skills and experience data by recommendations without revealing any contact data. Once the user has an ZINC profile, users can control when the profile is noticeable, eliminating any capacity for unsolicited propositions.

In the diagram below users can see ‘Anonymous Alice’ (represented in green) entering the network, with her profile hidden. She has an ZINC profile with proven skills & background data, but it’s not noticeable to anyone but Alice. Anonymous Alice requires a cryptographic key to unlock her profile if she requires to become searchable; otherwise, it simply continues a hash in the blockchain, anonymous to all but the owner. The ‘Black Bob’s’ express visible profiles.

Obtaining ZINC

The ZINC Token is an ERC20 token and compatible with ERC20 wallets. Participants in ZINC’s Coinception sale get ZINC Tokens by transferring Ethereum or Bitcoin to particular ETH or BTC addresses. After the token sale closes, the token purchasers will receive withdrawable ZINC Tokens.

ZINC Token Specification
Based on our Tokenomics estimations we believe that we can have a working CV ecosystem and adequate funds for a successful project if we raise the capital in the following way:

ZINC Details
● 24m ZINC Tokens in total
● $6.89 million hard caps in the first sale (Coinception 1)
● 1 token = $1.30
● 3 capital releases based on defined milestones

ZINC Token Distribution
● 60% of tokens on sale
● 15% Team & Advisors
● 19% ZINC foundation
● 6% Bounties & incentives

The ZINC Team

ZINC is a team of technologists who are utilizing the blockchain to revitalize referencing as facts of human work.

Luke Shipley
A recruiter directed developer who’s supported build teams @Google, UBS Crypto Lab, Aventus, and eBay. He is an entrepreneur that’s grown three startups & highlighted on Dragons Den. Writes for startup-grind, runs largest non-profit JS group in the UK.

Peter Brooke
Expert CTO that produced innovative products in blockchain (Tailster), finance (Lloyds) and IOT (Findware) with ver 20 years in it and a distinguished agile leader. Led Findware from conception to global scale and successful exit.

Charlotte Hall
A natural disruptor, Charlotte has managed marketing teams for global businesses and a Fintech startup. He’s natural creative with a talent for organic marketing solutions.

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