ZINC For A Simplified And Accelerated Hiring Journey

What is Zinc.work?

Zinc project is of essential value indeed as it intends to produce a useful ecosystem where all the workers can own, control, monetize the certified skills as well as the experience information. To be more specific, Zinc will enhance to be a decentralized CV/Reference network. It means that its primary purpose is to produce the references and proven skills in a CV. The concept has not been introduced ever since that make the project a pioneer of its kind. There will a wholly self-sovereign and innovative personality management technology. The employment history data in its service will be represented as the central section of ID verification process. Everybody will have the unique “digital fingerprint” for the required verification.

ZINC Summary

How Does The Zinc Platform Work

The Zinc team has achieved to develop one of the most long-awaited projects that are necessary at combining into the hiring process. This step in so necessarily needed nowadays because of rejuvenating referencing. Zinc is predicted to attract more and more users to create out tokenized careers network. As a result, this tokenization guides to setting the appropriate incentives into one place, and this is must for Referees, for giving the quality reference data. Zinc platform provides all the workers to own the data and what is more to monetize it. It is evident that they will become searchable and contactable.

ZINC Work Flow

Some steps will be supposed to make the system start operating. Firstly, it is essential to put in login or sign-up. Then goes swiftly adding the referee features and as soon as this process is achieved, the contact is verified. The next step would be a mandatory submission of company or recruiter information. It is secure because the given decentralized data is encrypted for circumventing any potential risks.

The Zinc (ZINC) Token Utility and Distribution

ZINC ICO Token Utility aDistribution


ZINC Roadmap


The project operates under the direction of the highly-qualified team of experts from different technology fields. They are developing the platform all the time so by the day of expansion could be as simple, convenient and reliable to utilize as it is potential. Also, the provided platform is a powerful tool that everybody requires to be capable of forgetting permanently about the super annoying spam or data violation that may occur. So ZINC is unquestionably deserving everybody’s recognition and world attention if to take into consideration all the possibilities it has to offer individuals globally.

 ZINC Team

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