Zinc (ZINC) Trading Competition And Latest Update

The arduous endeavor of the Zinc team has finally proven its success, benefiting not just a particular sector, but to all related individuals globally. Zinc has envisioned to create an ecosystem in which ordinary workers can simply own, control and monetize their certified skills and experience data. A decentralized careers system that could generate reference and proven skills in a CV.

Zinc indeed is an excellent breakthrough as this is the first network that offers workers the chance to own their work history and skills data and at the same time, monetize through ZINC tokens. Zinc’s unique answer to the concerns in hiring and recruitment will be the pioneering structure for an anonymous, tokenized careers ecosystem.

Trading Competition

After the huge victory of getting their native currency ZINC listed to KuCoin and lately, to CoinMarketCap, the team behind the success has announced a Trading Competition involving ZINC traders.

Zinc (ZINC) Trading Competition, Win 750,000 ZINC!

ZINC Trading Competition

Traders Participate in trading Zinc (ZINC) on KuCoin during the competition. Top 100 accounts with the highest trading amount of ZINC both buying and selling on KuCoin will have the chance to win 750,000 ZINC as rewards. The competition starts and end at 2018-06-29 22:00:00 to 2018-07-06 23:59:59 (UTC+8).

Zinc’s Latest Update

Charlotte Hall, the Co-founder & Marketing Director at Zinc, stated that they’ve been collaborating with KuCoin’s marketing team to established and grow their brand awareness at this vital period of their campaign. Their strategies involved social and banner advertising, PR, emails, content creation and influencer marketing. The campaign will continue for the next six weeks and will sustain the presence, to help the new Zinc brand soar higher as well as their listing on KuCoin.

Zinc aims to give a formal update on the current supply of ZINC (formerly CVT) and make people informed of future developments and plans to become as transparent as possible. The supply adjusted following the communities definitive vote to utilize tokens for listing and trading competitions.

As of last Friday (July 6, 2018), the circulating supply was 4.55m tokens.

– 750k tokens were employed for the trading competition which contributes a great incentive and possibility for new investors.

– 800k tokens have been allocated on the marketing campaign required to list with KuCoin. They will be giving some of the profits and publicity obtained from this in the upcoming weeks.

– An additional 900K worth of tokens was utilized to supplement the KuCoin BTC listing price. These tokens are secured for three months. When unlocked they have been reassured they will not move, but regardless this will cause the circulating of unlocked tokens up to   5.45m.

The allocated distributions leave 2.24m tokens from the unsold T1 of 3.89m. The Zinc team will be accommodating a vote in the coming weeks for their users to choose what to make use with the remaining tokens.

Additional Reminder From Zinc Team

– The overall total supply of 24 million tokens has not altered and will never change.

– The supply could change again but will be depending on the result of the upcoming vote.

– As a note, if the team is successful in operating all the project milestones, it will trigger the possibility of another crowdsale. There could be a sum of 2 additional crowdsales in the future as described in the whitepaper.

– Zinc will be holding a vote next week to determine what to do with the remaining T1 unsold tokens.

– The total circulating supply is now 4.55 million and 5.45million in 3 months time.

– The option to use tokens for listing charges was based on the two community votes in June.

– Zinc traders will receive updates in Telegram with regards to the next vote initiating.


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